December 5, 2016

Ink + Volt’s Holiday Office Gift Guide

Plus a free Ink + Volt calendar for everyone in the office!

You’ve put in a lot of hard work this year, but so have all the people you work with. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts with thoughtful gift that they will actually use! From the IT guy, to your favorite lunch buddy, to an amazing mentor, we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone in your office.


For you and your employees:


Spark meeting notes. Everyone in the office will love the structure these notepads bring to meetings. Best of all, the high-quality perforated pages are easy to tear and share, scan or transcribe. ◆ $13.00


For your boss:


Ink + Volt Calendar Desk Pad. (NEW!) Practical and pretty, your boss will love this desk pad which was custom designed in the same sleek and professional style as the Volt Planner. ◆ $20


For your co-workers:


Morning Noon and Night Gridpad. These grid pads are a great tool to break up a big project into manageable steps. Share this tool with your co-workers to earn some major office cred. ◆ $11


For your mentor:


Lamy Brushed Steel Fountain Pen. This sleek, no-nonsense fountain pen is the perfect gift to express your gratitude for someone who has helped you realize your career aspirations. ◆ $120  


For your mentee:


Hatch Notebook. The detailed guides in this notebook are exactly what your mentee needs to turn her big plans into reality. ◆ (COMING SOON)


For your business client:

Testimonial 2

The 2017 Volt Planner. This planner was designed to make you more successful. But a rising tide floats all boats. If you and your business client share the same goals, the Volt Planner will help you both achieve great things. ◆ $40


For your favorite lunch buddy:


Do or Die Notepad. The two of you have talked the talk over many a lunch, and now it’s time to walk the walk. Next time a brilliant ideas surfaces over tuna salad, you and your lunch buddy will be prepared to write it down on this Do or Die Notepad, so you can’t possibly forget about it! ◆ $8


For the IT guy that always solves your PC problems:

Rhodia Webnotebook. Give his eyes a break from the harsh monitor glare. Your IT guy will appreciate the pen-to-paper notebook for jotting down notes and brainstorming fixes, and the lay-flat binding will help him keep all his ideas in one place. ◆ $17.95


For the receptionist:


Dog Wash Adhesive Pads. Dealing with people all the time is exhausting. However, these fun stickies are guaranteed to brighten her day and make writing reminder notes that much more fun. ◆ $5.99


For your assistant:

gold pen lifestyle 2

Gold Rollerball pen. Where would you be without your assistant? Show her how much you appreciate the work she has put in by gifting her something special. With super smooth ink and a solid metal body, this pen is exactly that. ◆ $24


FREE Calendar for everyone at the office:


Printable calendar. Print out our signature calendar for 2017 and share with your entire office. Think of it as our gift to you. 🙂

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