By Christine Song

25 Inspiring Ideas for Good Secret Santa Gifts This Year

Find the perfect gift for your office or family holiday party.

On the hunt for good secret santa gifts this holiday season? Us too.

So we searched high and low for good secret santa gifts, so no matter who you’re paired up with and buying a gift for, we have ideas for you (that won’t break the bank either!).

Often the trickiest part of secret santa is finding a gift for someone you don’t know that well – usually it’s someone in your office who you just don’t interact with that often on a day-to-day basis. But you don’t want to do the gift cop out and just get them a $10 Starbucks card. So what is the aspiring creative secret santa gift-giver to do?

No need to panic, just use our secret santa gift guide below to get you started!

First, figure out the secret santa rules at your office

Everyone plays the game a little differently, so make sure you’re clear on the rules:

  • Who are you getting a gift for?
  • Is there a spending limit? (eg. spend no more than $25)
  • Do you include your name as the gifter or just put the giftee’s name? Or will the giftee guess who their gifter was?
  • Did secret santa participants write down gift ideas, so you have a general sense of what they might like or definitely do not want?
  • When is the gift exchange happening and how much time do you have to find a gift?

Guide to finding good secret santa gifts

Our ideas below range from $7.50 to $25, so find a gift that fits with your secret santa gift limit or mix and match lower priced items. We’ve also got various gift ideas for people with different likes. Happy shopping!

For the organizer, planner, minimalist, or coordinator…

These are for the person that loves order and has everything in its place. This is for the person who actually enjoys to-do lists and who is always planning events, activities, or trips down to a “T.”

  • Ink+Volt Planner & Calendar Stickers, $7.50. Why use words when a colorful visual will do the trick? These calendar stickers make planning ahead even more fun for the perpetual planner in your life.
  • Twistable Cord Laces 5”, $8.95 or Ribbon 10”, $10.95. No one likes when cords running wild and become a tangled mess. This gift is more than just a twistable cord – it is a future headache-reliever that saves time and energy.
  • Slotted Cup, $20. This multipurpose pencil cup/phone-holder/secret-item-stasher keeps any desk or counter sleekly clutter free.
  • Ink+Volt Calendar Desk Pad, $22. Super flexible, this desk pad can meet anyone’s needs. Plus, it will keep them organized, productive, and inspired.
  • Large Felt Bedside Caddy, $25. As Santa knows, the bedside can easily become a hectic place. What better way to corral all of those things people like to keep within easy reach while they’re in bed, without cluttering a nightstand. Soft gray felt and simple design!

For those whose creativity knows no limits…

Music lovers, writers, artists, and anyone aspiring to be one or all of the above will love these gifts that encourage and foster their creative journeys.

  • Chalkboard Boom Bowl, $10. For music lovers, this is a reasonably priced, portable, and simple way to amplify music by 15 decibels. This gift delivers on three fronts: encourages doodling, makes song requests a breeze, and easily plays fav tunes louder.
  • Wake Up Your Imagination: A Journal for Creative Play, $15.95. Anyone with creative block or who just needs some de-stressing time will appreciate this book. Wake up and rejuvenate those creative juices!
  • Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen, $18. For the writers out there, a lovely pen to express ideas, stories, and sentiments. This pen is great for anyone from first time fountain pen users to fountain pen experts. Up anyone’s writing game with the Metropolitan.
  • The Photographer’s Playbook, $19.96. Know a budding photographer or someone who likes a creative challenge? This playbook offers 307 (!) photography assignments and ideas that “will inspire fresh ways of engaging with photographic process.”
  • Koi Coloring Brush Pens, $22.50. For those who love lettering, coloring, or drawing, these pens work on many levels and come in a variety of beautiful colors. Crafts, cards, and even coloring books (adult or otherwise) will become well loved by your giftee.

For the fitness enthusiast, outdoorist, exercise fanatic…

Does your colleague have their gym bag with them every day? Do you know someone that gets outside every weekend, sharing their adventures and excursions on social media? Well, these secret santa gift ideas will be right up their alley and highly appreciated by the adventurer in your life.

  • Mission Enduracool Microfiber Cooling Towel, $8.99. Reusable, machine washable, “cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature when wet,” and highly absorbent when dry, the exercise fanatics (or even just the hot and sweaty) among us will love this versatile towel.
  • Run Fast. Eat Slow: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes, $18.74. Everyone has to refuel, so why not refuel your body with marathon runner Olympian Shalane Flanagan and chef Elyse Kopecky? Tons of tips and information, plus recipes, for a healthy life.
  • Embroidered Cargo Mat Bag, $19.95. Give the gift of a pretty and functional cargo yoga mat bag, so your giftee can head to the studio in style.
  • Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $20.95. Staying hydrated is a must and one can never have too many reusable water bottles to do just that. With a variety of styles and color options, you can find a gift that will fit anyone’s style.
  • Body Back Buddy Junior Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool, $21.95. A 60 minute massage would easily exceed anyone’s secret santa dollar limit, but this inexpensive alternative can bring relief to the constantly sore giftee. Help them relax for the holidays!

For the host, cook, foodie, or homebody…

Here are 7 gift ideas perfect for the giftee who loves simplicity in the home, who hosts parties for any and every reason, or who is always talking about the great recipe they just found.

  • Boyajian Mini Asian Fine Oil Box, $8.95. For the giftee who is adventurous and loves trying new things, this sampler box is a great way to try 4 oils great for sauces, dressing, and sautees.
  • Fruit Infusing Ice Balls, $10. Did you know spherical ice melts slower, thereby keeping your drink undiluted longer? Give the gift of refreshing drinks with a subtle fruity touch for the cocktail connoisseur.
  • Water from a Stone, $19. For the person who loves some green in their life (not of the cash variety), these water stones ensure plants stay perfectly watered. A pretty and unobtrusive touch, these stone-shaped glass vessels are pretty in any planter.
  • Cedar & Alder Grilling Wraps, $21. Grilling doesn’t have to be complicated. And with these grilling wraps, anything your giftee grills will have that smokey, woodsy taste without the hassle or expense of a real smoker. Yum!
  • Mimira Nesting Nut Bowls, $24. Beautiful and easy to store, these pretty watercolor inspired bowls will beautify anyone’s home.
  • Cook Tea Towel, $24. Not just any tea towel (because everyone has the basics), this tea towel speaks to you. Super cute and absorbent, the message is simple at the end: “serve enjoy.”
  • Bijou Candles, $25. For the traveler (or someone who just likes lovely smelling spaces), these travel-friendly candles allow your giftee to burn ‘em anywhere – and up to 25 hours! Don’t worry if you don’t know what scent they’ll like, since you can choose 3 options.

For the animal lover or the pet owner with pet photos galore…

Spread the animal love with these fun and unique gift ideas.

  • Animals Magnetic Origami Bookmarks, $7.00. Animals + origami + magnet = extremely functional cuteness. Magnet bookmarks make saving your place easy, but look at those cute faces!
  • Cats Stamp Kit, $12. Got a coworker that adores their kitties and happily shares their cat’s antics? Now they can impart their love of cats onto any stationary their heart desires!
  • Balloon Dog Night Light, $25. Dogs may brighten their owner’s hearts, but this fun dog night light will brighten the darkest room. Giftees will appreciate that this watchdog is their nightlight.

With this many good secret santa gifts on your list…

…this year’s holiday party is sure to be a great success! No matter who you’re getting a gift for, we hope these 25 ideas make shopping a breeze.