6 Flower Coloring Pages To Lift Your Spirits

Someone is coloring in a floral coloring page with the words "Be Remarkable."

Is there anything better than a bouquet of flowers?

They’re especially good when the weather is gray and moody, life gets sort of hectic, and you just need a little boost. I keep an oversized Mason jar full of flowers on my kitchen counter year round for just that reason.

Similarly, when I need to lift my spirits I reach for a coloring page full of flowers that I can make vibrant all on my own. It’s a small reminder that I have the power to make my day just as bright as I do the coloring pages. 

These coloring pages and coloring books are must-haves if you’re just as obsessed with gardens full of flowers too.

“Be Remarkable” from Ink+Volt

Words of affirmation paired with a cheerful bouquet is a winning set. This free downloadable coloring page features the words “Be Remarkable” surrounded by beautiful flowers — a double reminder to be your best and not worry about things out of your control, just like a thriving flower garden. When you need a pick-me-up, look no further. There’s no way you won’t feel a little bit more sunny after finishing this coloring page. (This coloring page is inspired by designs that you'll find in the Ink+Volt Coloring Book!)

World of Flowers: A Coloring Book & Floral Adventure

Johanna Basford was dubbed the “Colorist Queen” by New York Magazine. Her book World of Flowers: A Coloring Book & Floral Adventure will take you around the world, from poppies in South Africa to gardens right out of enchanted, fiction fairy tales.  

The Flower Year: A Coloring Book

Have you ever noticed how each season brings a new crop of flowers just as beautiful as the last? It’s the kind of sweet observation that’s captured in Leila Duly’s The Flower Year: A Coloring Book. Duly follows the seasons through her book, carefully illustrating each with a different flavor. This book will last you an entire year, as it’s been illustrated to include two coloring pages per week. Think of it as a coloring journal through the seasons.

Cow in Flowers Coloring Page

Picture this: The most beautiful cow, high up in the mountains, sporting a flower crown. Now  grab your colored pencils. This coloring page, downloadable from Etsy, is so sweet you’ll finish it in one sitting, all the while dreaming of picking buttercups among the sweetest cow babes.

Twilight Garden Coloring Book

There’s a certain time of day that lends itself to the best flower observation. Twilight. Everything feels a little more romantic when the day’s last light lands upon a flower garden.  Maria Trolle’s Twilight Garden coloring book captures exactly that, with white-on-black printed imagery sprinkled throughout the 96-page book. 

Flowers Coloring Book: Botanical Patterns and Charts for Beautiful Color Play

Sometimes you need something simple. Brittany Watson Jepsin’s Flowers Coloring Book is filled with that. “60 pages of hand-illustrated patterns, bouquets, and scientific charts awaiting the distinctive color palettes only a flower lover could imagine,” she writes in the book’s description. The artistry is all up to you.

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