By Tessa Matson

Our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

Coming up with gift ideas for everyone on your list is no easy task. Being in the planner business, we like to make lists, and we figured we’d share some of our favorite gift ideas to make your holiday season a little less stressful. Holiday shopping–check!   For the undiscovered genius you’d like to help “make […]

Coming up with gift ideas for everyone on your list is no easy task. Being in the planner business, we like to make lists, and we figured we’d share some of our favorite gift ideas to make your holiday season a little less stressful. Holiday shopping–check!


For the undiscovered genius you’d like to help “make it big”


2017 Volt Planner. Our flagship product, the 2017 Volt Planner is the perfect tool to help the budding entrepreneur focus his genius and curb daily distraction. Monthly goal and weekly time-blocking pages will help break down what may seem like an insurmountable challenge into the steps that will help him succeed. The clean, stream-lined design makes the 2017 Volt Planner appropriate for artists and executives, alike. ◆ $40

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen – Fireblue. A serious professional needs a pen that means business. The Kaweco Liliput fountain pen in fireblue is compact yet bursting with personality. Its fine-tip and blue ink make writing business plans fun. A gift like this shows that you have confidence that the recipient will achieve great things. After all, talent like that should get used to signing autographs. ◆ $120


Mountie. Double down on screen space with this brilliant gadget that transforms their tablet and laptop into the coolest multi-monitor setup ever. Perfect for your friend who is in the early stages of launching her startup. Now she will be able to respond to incoming customer email while balancing the budget. ◆ $24.95


Subscription to Evernote Premium. Evernote Premium is a great tool for taking and organizing interactive notes. From writing blog posts on a laptop, to capturing business cards on the fly, to sharing shopping lists with the significant other, Evernote syncs across many platforms so that those volts of brilliance are not forgotten. ◆ $69.99


For the person you want to write your memoir


Leuchtturm1917 Composition Softcover Notebook. Moleskin move over… This classic composition notebook is the perfect gift for just about everyone. With lined or unlined pages and a layflat binding, this notebook almost makes writing easy. ◆ $21.50


Literary Box. This is the perfect gift for an avid reader. Each box features a different author and theme. The author picks out three or more favorite books and handwrites an accompanying note to each recipient. Past authors include: Will Wheaton, Nina Garcia, Bill Nye, Ariana Huffington, Pharrell, and Lauren Weisberger. ◆ $50 per package


Quiver Pen Holder. Pens and notebooks go together like peanut butter and jelly. So why are they always getting lost? The Quiver Pen Holder slips over the cover of most A5 notebooks so that you’re favorite writer will always have his pen ready to write down the next great idea. ◆ $25


Audible subscription. For those who don’t have the time (or the visual stamina) to read for pleasure, audiobooks are a great gift because the recipient can listen to them during their commute or while completing tasks around the house. ◆ $150 for 12 months


Great Thought A Day Pad. This notebook will inspire the next Stephen King to put pen to paper every day. With an inspirational quote on every page, your buddying writer will have plenty of prompts to help flush out her thoughts. ◆ $14


For those who wish upon a star


Hatch Notebook. The Hatch Notebook will help your dreamer friend transform her ideas into reality. With 3 sections–Conceive, Incubate, and Hatch–this notebook has fantastic worksheets that help break down big goals and identify the steps needed to execute them. ◆ $25


Tile. When you’re contemplating the meaning of life, minute details such as where you last placed your keys are utterly unimportant. This bluetooth tracking tag will help locate those keys (or water bottle, wallet, etc) that your friend is always misplacing. ◆ $25


Rewined candles. Ever dreamed of a syrah-scented candle? Zinfandel? Rewined candles are made in hand-cut recycled wine bottles (get it… Re-wined) with 100% natural soy wax and custom blended fragrances that mimic your friend’s favorite favorite wine varietal. ◆ $28


Softcover Notebook Set – Mermaid. These beautiful notebooks are straight out of a dream. The thick linen-textured cover has lay-flat binding that makes it perfect for sketching. Best of all, the notebooks come two to a set, so you can keep one for yourself. ◆ $14


Doodles, Daydreams, Deadlines Gridpad. Who doesn’t love to doodle and daydream? This gridpad will support your creative friend’s daydreaming habit while gently reminding him of those important due dates. The perfect tool for nurturing all the sides of the brain. ◆ $11


For your crafty friend who can’t get enough washi tape


Gold Foil Card Set – Pineapple. One can never have too many card sets. This is one of our favorite sets because of its versatility for different occasions and the gold foil detail that makes it feel extra special. ◆ $14


Washi Tape. There are so many reasons to love washi tape–from decorating to labeling to covering up mistakes–that there is a reason you can’t have just one. If you are gifting a planner this holiday season, consider throwing in a roll of washi tape for customization. If your friend already has a planner or scrapbook, gift her a whole assortment of washi tape so that she can go wild! ◆ $3


Socks. I don’t care what anyone says… Fun socks are always a great gift to receive. We love these super cozy wool-blend socks from the National Geographic store that are perfect for curling up by the fire with a good book or crafty project. ◆ $24

calendar stickers_ftr

Calendar Stickers. With reminders for birthdays, hair appointments, workouts and more,  these stickers make planning your schedule so much more fun (and pretty). ◆ $7.35


For the LOLz

ninja cats ftr

Ninja Cats Adhesive Pads. One of the most popular products on Ink+Volt, these hilarious adhesive note pads will make someone’s days. Leave them on a desk or tucked into a report to let your coworker know how badass she really is. ◆ $5.99


Bubble Wrap Calendar. Sometimes the most satisfying part of a present is the bubble wrap it comes packaged in. Now you can pop your way through an entire year with this clever, poster-size bubble calendar! ◆ $27


Exploding Kittens. This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams (i.e., everyone). The best part is, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Once the recipient opens his gift, he won’t be able to resist a challenge round from you right then and there! ◆ $19.99


Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book. I saw this in the bathroom of a boutique winery and thought it would make the most hilarious gift ever! With provocative prompts and plenty of space to doodle, coworkers can share the brilliant ideas they come up with while on the can. Give this to your favorite prankster or just leave in your office bathroom one day… ◆ $15


For the code masher by day, air guitarist by night


RHA High-Res In-Ear Headphones. Some people do their best work while jamming to their favorite tunes. However, clunky headphones are not always the most appropriate in the workplace. Not only are these in-ear headphones subtle, the dual-coil technology delivers top-notch sound, and you’ll solidify your place as “coolest friend ever.” ◆ $239.95


Volt Planner With Notes – Undated. Our Volt Planner with Notes is a hybrid notebook-planner with plenty of lined note in the back for your musical friend to draft the lyrics of his greatest hit. With 6 undated months of goal-focused planning pages, this planner will also help him execute the steps needed to actually launch his passion project. ◆ $29.50

untie 10_hvr

Twistable Cord Ribbons. Is your tech-savvy friend regularly toting her laptop charger, phone charger, earbuds and a million hair ties? These twistable cord ribbons will save her the headache that comes from having to constantly untangle, untie and search for the right cord in the bottom of her bag. ◆ $10


Spotify Premium Subscription. A Spotify Premium subscription makes a great gift for your musically inclined friend. Now he can create playlists and stream music without having to wait for wifi. ◆ $119.88 for 12 months


For your friend who wears too much spandex (but totally pulls it off)


Fitbit Alta. Fitbit’s new Alta band is a slimmed down, more stylish version of earlier models. With activity, sleep and exercise tracking, reminders to move and smart notifications, you’re lucky friend can track her activity from C-suite to crossfit. ◆ $149.95


S’well Water Bottle – Gold. Help your friend stay hydrated with this super stylish water bottle. Insulated to keep water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12, this water will suit your friend’s multi-purpose lifestyle. ◆ $35


Hello Fresh. Healthy meals without the shopping? That’s what a subscription to Hello Fresh can provide. Meals are created by nutritionists and take 30 minutes or less to prepare, so they are perfect for a health-conscious nut who is on a tight schedule. ◆ $9.90 per meal, per person


Yoga Mat. These high-quality, high-performing mats have self-affirming messages that will help your favorite yogi reach the most challenging poses in and outside the studio. ◆ $66


For the hard-to-shop for person who has too many ties


Custom planner sleeve. For your friend who is already obsessed with her Volt Planner, consider getting her this custom-made wool felt planner sleeve that was designed specifically for the Volt Planner series exclusively at Ink + Volt. The sleeve will not only protect her planner from scratches, but the extra pockets will provide space to store pens, small notepads, business cards and even a phone. Check out byrd & belle for other wool felt accessories to outfit your Kindle or Macbook Pro. ◆ $50

gold pen hvr

Gold rollerball pen. Your hard-to shop-for-friend may have plenty of pens, but does he have a solid metal gold pen…? We didn’t think so. This is the pen he will take into a business meeting. An interview. A negotiation. The pen to sign contracts with. To write sentimental letters with conviction. The pen that looks good whether it’s in his hand or on his desk. We all need a pen like this one. The one pen to rule them all. ◆ $24


A year of Amazon Prime. The hard to gift person is used to buying themselves exactly what they want/need. Instead of buying him something he will probably return later, get him a year of Amazon Prime so that whatever his heart desires will arrive in two days flat. Boom. ◆ $99


Stocking stuffers ($10 and under) for everyone on your list!

  1. Book Bands
  2. Faith, Hope, Love Pad
  3. Zombie Pets Adhesive Pads.
  4. Le Pen – Brights
  5. Mini Greeting Cards
  6. Bitti Screen Cleaner Kit