Pretty Coloring Pages You’ll Want to Color Immediately

Someone colors in a mandala coloring page

Pretty coloring pages are my kryptonite. 

There’s just something about a pretty design that’s waiting to be colored that just makes me want to drop whatever I’m doing and sit down with a pack of freshly sharpened colored pencils and get in the zone. 

Luckily for all of the coloring enthusiasts out there, it’s not just a fun activity, it’s also good for you! There’s a lot of research behind why coloring is such an enjoyable and soothing activity. Coloring is an almost meditative activity that requires you to focus intently on a single, simple task. The positive effects are just like those of meditating: by focusing your mind on a single, simple, repetitive task, it can help to relieve stress or anxiety, increase positive thoughts, and boost your creativity.

Cleveland Clinic psychologist Scott Bea cites three main reasons why coloring is an effective — and enjoyable — form of relaxation: Your attention is not focused on yourself, the simplicity of the task allows your brain to relax, and it’s a low stakes activity that you really can’t perform incorrectly, so you always feel like a success.

Coloring is something *everyone* can do! You don’t have to be the next Bob Ross to pick up a set of your favorite colored pencils or brush pens and dive in to a blank page.

And when you’re spending your coloring time on an extra pretty design? That’s just an added bonus!

Mandalas, in particular, are believed to be extra sources of relaxation and stress-relief. Mandalas are ornate, geometric figures, typically with repeating patterns, that are often featured in coloring books. A 2005 study found that coloring mandalas was actually more effective at reducing anxiety than coloring “unstructured” designs. Why? Researchers believe that the repetitive and intricate nature of the designs forces artists to focus more intently, allowing your mind to truly enter a mindful and meditative state.

I’ve always loved browsing coloring books in my local bookstore and craft stores, as well as on Pinterest, and now I’m super excited because Ink+Volt has recently launched our very own coloring book

The book is filled cover-to-cover with pretty coloring pages, including this stunning mandala design with its inspiring reminder to “Reflect. Enjoy. Repeat.”

Download this pretty mandala coloring page right here.

Here are some other books with pretty coloring pages we love:

The Mindfulness Coloring Book by Emma Farrarons: This pocket-sized coloring book leans in hard to the benefits of coloring by focusing on mindfulness. The book features 70 designs, ranging from flowers, butterflies, and birds to waves and kaleidoscope designs.

Color at Home by Sherry and John Petersik, illustrated by Joan Borawski: This coloring book is perfect for anyone who loves interior design. Each page features beautiful rooms and home decor inspiration, like built-in bookcases, patterned pillows, and ornate rugs.

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford: Often referred to as the coloring book that started the adult coloring craze, Secret Garden is filled from cover to cover with intricate pretty floral designs and garden scenes.
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