Pretty Office Supplies to Brighten Up Your Desk

Pretty Office Supplies to Brighten Up Your Desk

Pretty office supplies brighten and cheer up the otherwise boring, drab desk you inherited when you first started your job.

Pretty office supplies are just…well, so pretty. And anything that you think is pretty can help bring you that essential burst of daily joy you need to power you through dull moments and keep going when you’re on a roll.

We think it’s time to shift away from those monochromatic neutral office supplies, the ones with textures and materials that lack weight, make your desk look like every other office desk, and leave you uninspired to get your work done.

Because your office is a place where you need to be productive and prepared to accomplish big things, it should touch your spirit. We aren’t robots; humans are affected by our surroundings and how they make us feel. And pretty office supplies really do make a difference, even if in small ways, feeding your inspiration and happiness quota each day.

Surround yourself with pretty office supplies and you’ll never go back to anything different! Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas to get you started.

How do you define “pretty office supplies”?

How you define “pretty” will differ from the person next to you; it’s very subjective. So if you were to try to describe what pretty office supplies are to you, where would you start?

  • Pops of color in a sea of neutrals
  • Unique, multifunctional pieces that stand out and make you smile
  • Inspirational messages beautifully designed or displayed
  • Patterns and designs that get you thinking or make you feel happy
  • Chic styles and clean lines
  • Greener, environmentally conscious products
  • Animal themed supplies that bring you joy
  • Personalized or monogrammed pieces just for you
  • Items made of a certain material like wood, marble, metals, etc. that bring warmth to a space

These are just some ideas of how pretty can be defined in the context of office supplies. So no matter how you define pretty, run with it. There’s a whole world out there of office supplies that don’t fall into the usual, typical, or everyday. Discovering what you think is pretty is part of the fun and adventure of turning your office into a productive workspace.

Why do pretty office supplies matter?

You may be wondering, Why does it matter if I have and use pretty office supplies? They’re just office supplies…” Trust us, they will make a difference.

Creating an environment that you want to be in is just as important as having the actual space to do your work. No matter what pretty office supplies you’re drawn to, focus on finding things that you love and feel joy looking at, and that you enjoy using everyday.

That feeling that you can’t wait to use that notepad will make work and getting your work done that much more enjoyable and productive. Having a classy paperweight that makes you feel like your fanciest, best self can help boost your confidence and mood throughout the day.

You want to be in a space that is inviting and encourages you to work, even when the work itself may not be very motivating, especially for those repetitive boring tasks.

Pretty office supplies are more than just decorations or baubles on your desk. Think of them as an investment in your time and productivity; they call to you to be used, enjoyed, and admired!

Finding pretty office supplies

Of course, you can find nearly everything and anything you need online. But often, really special things are also waiting to be discovered in your local shops where you can get a sense of weight and feel too. It’s worth investing a bit of time in your search — both locally and online — so that you can find things that will be truly meaningful.

Ready to start shopping? We’ve got some ideas to fill your wish list below.

Pretty office supplies for any style

We love using paper and our shop carries a lovely selection of paper products and desk accessories that are sure to please anyone’s definition of “pretty.”

But don’t forget that pretty office supplies aren’t just limited to binder clips and notepads, and extend beyond to dry erase boards, bookends, and pencil cups. Basically, anything you need to outfit your office for work is fair game for a “pretty” upgrade.

For those that like simple, clean lines:

  • Kunisawa notebooks in hard, soft, spiral bound, and memo pad form are just the thing in beautiful, earthy colors. Pretty, chic, and extraordinary quality.
  • Keep everything neat and together with Ink+Volt Book Bands (in two different colors!) on your planners, books, notebooks, or just about anything.
  • Try these Foil Stamped Adhesive Tabs for your planner, journal or notepad with beautiful designs and pops of gold.

For those in love with pretty florals: Turn your desk into a bouquet without the drooping petals (but also no lovely fragrance).

For those who need color, color, and more color: See color in everything you do. We love these pens for all your writing needs:

And for colorful non-writing office supplies:

  • Choose cohesive desk supplies in your favorite color from Poppin to still show off your style.
  • Use these Adhesive Gem Page Flags to draw your attention to any page you mark with their bright, geometric colors.
  • Add Washi Tape in an array of dazzling colors and patterns to your office supply tool kit to throw in a dash color wherever you go and anything you send.

For those who want office supplies made of warm materials:

  • A marble pencil cup, catchall, and box compliment each other on any desktop, adding a modern touch.
  • If you’re more aligned with metallic colors, these solid brass tape dispensers make a bold statement with their unique design.
  • A brushed gold magnetic dry erase board is sure to catch everyone’s eye and provide a functional system for reminders and notes.
  • If you have a pesky door that just won’t stay open, why not get help from a gold bull?
  • Combine wood, metal, and marble in these nicely shaped bookends and any book or binder you store will look equally impressive.

For those who go for gold: Gold accents are very popular and for good reason – they make everything look more glamorous.

We love pretty office supplies – don’t you?

Pretty office supplies make us happy, put us at ease, and motivate us to work! You don’t have to buy all new office supplies on your mission to make your desk happier. Add a few pieces or items at a time so that they stand out and make a statement. A little goes a long way.

What are your favorite, prettiest office supplies and how have they improved your productivity at work?

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