Animals Magnetic Origami Bookmarks

Animals Magnetic Origami Bookmarks

Save your spot in a snap! No need to bend over backwards to keep your place–these origami animals will do it for you. More reliable than a piece of paper. The strong magnets help snap these animals into position so you can hold your spot in your book, journal, or planner. Perfect for young ones or those who want a little cuteness to their pages.
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Why We Love It

These little origami animal magnets are not only cute and creative, but they are seriously functional. Think about all the times you've put a bookmark in your book, only to have it fall out or lose it. Or the time you've used a sticky note or a flag, and it peels off some of the ink or worse--ripping the paper in the process. That's where this team of animals comes in. The magnets allow you to reuse it over and over again, and they snap into place. They are lightweight so they won't weigh down the page, and they are hard to miss--so you won't be losing these bookmarks.


Set of 5 bookmarks Pig, cat, dog, duck, and cow (no farming required).