Speks Magnet Balls - Luxe

Speks Magnet Balls - Luxe

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Why We Love It

Fidgeting doesn't have to be a bad thing–in fact, we like to think of it more as exercise for your brain in the form of creative play. Speks are the perfect escape and are great for a short break, like a mini massage for your brain. It's a satisfying sensory experience that will provide entertainment and enjoyment. 

Speks Magnet Balls - Luxe lifestyle


2.5mm balls Each magnetic ball is 2.5mm and adheres to all safety standards.
Tarnish and rust free These magnets remain tarnish and rust free no matter how much you touch them.
Rare earth magnets Made from rare earth magnets, these little tiny balls will provide hours of entertainment.
Endless possibilities Build flat shapes, 3D shapes, chains, and more.