Untie 10″ Twistable Cord Ribbons

Untie 10″ Twistable Cord Ribbons

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Why We Love It

A messy workspace can be a headache. But we've got just the thing. These are perfect for power cables, wires, and everything in between. Use them to keep cords manageable in your laptop bag or backpack, behind the desk, or even decorate a present with them (we love sustainable ideas!). Open bag of chips? Hey, these work great for that too.

Untie 10″ Twistable Cord Ribbons lifestyle


Set of 3 In varying color palettes.
10" x 5/16" x 1/8" Great for thick or long cords. Roughly the thickness of a pencil.
Flexible material Silicone material allows you to twist these any which way.