My Future Listography Journal
My Future Listography Journal inside
My Future Listography Journal inside
My Future Listography Journal lifestyle

My Future Listography Journal

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What do you want to accomplish in the future? What countries do you want to visit? What films do you want to see?

These are just a few examples of list ideas in The Future Listography Journal. It's the ultimate way to keep track of your bucket lists for the future. This journal is complete with 70 unique list ideas, with topics ranging from the practical (like places to visit and habits to break) to the whimsical (like animals to adopt and fictional characters you'd want to hang out with). Each list comes with fun and colorful hand-drawn illustrations that will make you smile.

Let your imagination flow and get excited for what your future holds.

Product Specs

7"x 6.5"

160 pages

Ribbon bookmark

Lay flat binding

Why We Love It

Looking forward to things you're going to enjoy in the future is important! It's so motivating and makes life more joyful. My Future Listography is the ultimate way to set goals and get excited for the future, or even just have a little fun daydreaming when you're feeling adventurous. This journal is the gift that keeps on giving – weeks, months, or even years after filling it out, you'll enjoy looking back on it to see what you listed for your future. It's fun, easy to fill out, and will really get you thinking about what the future holds.