Ink+Volt August-July Planner & Goal Planning Pad Bundle

Ink+Volt August-July Planner & Goal Planning Pad Bundle

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The Story

Our bestselling Ink+Volt Goal Planner has a tried-and-true formula for taking your big ideas, dreams, and goals, and bringing them to life. Each planner includes 6 goal-setting pages to set up your big-picture plans for the year, but what about the other short-term and micro-goals along the way?

That's where this powerful bundle comes in. Combine your annual planner with this sleek pad of goal-setting pages, so you're never without a clearly defined plan. Goodbye half-baked ideas and cluttered post-it notes, hello clarity and confidence.

Ink+Volt Academic Planner & Goal Planning Pad Bundle lifestyle


5 3/4" x 8 1/2" This pad is a great size for your workspace and to store in a briefcase or workbag.
50 sheets Each sheet tears off at the top cleanly and smoothly.
70# quality paper We use 70# super smooth paper that we've come to trust in our Ink+Volt Planner.
Inspiring and functional Break your goals down into manageable pieces each day, and have fun doing it.
Made in USA This notepad is proudly produced in the U.S.