Ink+Volt Book Bands - Hydration Tracker

Ink+Volt Book Bands - Hydration Tracker

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The Story

We love any opportunity where we can get fun and creative with our products. We are so excited about the functionality of this Hydration Tracker set. Everything from its design to the color choices are tailored around our popular Ink+Volt Planner. The hydration-tracking feature of the water bottle band will help serve as both a reminder to drink plenty of water and an intake tracker by moving the band along throughout the day. Staying hydrated helps us think more clearly and promotes concentration, and we could all use a little reminder to drink enough water! These bands are lightweight, extremely durable, and versatile. 




Two unique metallic designs Each set comes with one band in each pattern: Water Intake Tracker and "Small steps" quote.
7.95" x 0.5" Compatible with any A5 book size. Optimal for books roughly 1" thick.
100% silicone An extremely flexible and durable material, perfect for repeated use.
Quality production These bands were produced with high quality printing and materials, meaning the printed pattern won’t rub off or crack with repeated use.