Deco Paper Clips

Deco Paper Clips

Sometimes an every day paper clip is a little lack luster for your special documents or personal correspondence. The designs of these Deco Clips are as unique to their metal color. Made of steel they hold strong while remaining elegant and sophisticated. With 25 clips per pack, you’ll have enough for every paper product in your life.
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Why We Love It

We love the versatility of these paper clips. Use one as a book marker in the current book you’re reading. Perfect for those who bullet journal so you can easily flip through different sections. The gold and silver will also add a nice touch to your Ink+Volt planner. These would also look great on wedding invitations, menus or anything you feel could use a little sparkle.



25 clips per pack Art-Nouveau inspired designs are available in silver and gold.
1.75" x 0.5" size Sturdy and durable, you’ll use them over and over.