Butterfly Faceted Foil Notepad

Butterfly Faceted Foil Notepad

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The Story

When we first decided to make a set of fun, creative notepads, we decided on a faceted gold design that would mimic the many facets of your personality. Life and work are complex; ideas and people are interconnected, and one beautiful thing can spark another. This 4-part set has a notepad for every facet of your life and personal style.

Butterfly Faceted Foil Notepad lifestyle Faceted Foil Notepad lifestyle

Among our biggest inspirations as we designed this collection of notepads was the idea a butterfly - a timeless symbol of the beauty of change. The butterfly on this notepad is playful yet mature, and the gold foil design reflects the shimmery beauty of a real butterfly. Celebrate the many ways that you continue to evolve and grow more free and beautiful with this elegant notepad.


4 1/4" x 6 1/2" This pad is the perfect size for quick lists, reminders, or even a short letter.
50 sheets Glue-bound with 50 sheets of our favorite paper.
70# quality paper The same paper we've come to trust in all of our Ink+Volt Planners and notepads - super smooth and bright white.
Gold foil details The gold foil details make this notepad extra special.
Made in USA These are made in Seattle, WA.