Schneider Fineliner Xpress Pens Assorted Color 3-Pack
Schneider Fineliner Xpress Pens black red and blue
Schneider Fineliner Xpress Pens Assorted Color 3-Pack swatch

Schneider Fineliner Xpress Pens Assorted Color 3-Pack

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If you are someone who is into details then these are your pens.

There are two things we love about the Fineliner Xpress: the way it produces a meticulous fine line and that if you forget the cap (its been known to happen) it won’t dry even for a few days. We love writing with them because they are just like a felt tip, only with a super fine line. In fact, we love them so much we have been known to keep taking notes, even after the meeting is finished. 

The Fineliner Xpress is a 3-piece wallet pack equipped with a black, red, and blue fiber-tipped pen. Great for marking up documents or editing, the 0.8mm tip delivers a striking and expressive writing experience. 

Product Specs

Set of 3: black, red, blue.

.8mm tip

Ergonomic grip

"Cap-off" ink: leave uncapped for 2-3 days without drying out.

Waterproof ink

Made in Germany

Why We Love It

The Fineliner Xpress is a bold pen for your biggest, boldest projects. We think it writes like a super thin marker tip, making it great for not only things like editing or labeling, but craft projects too. The Fineliners perform best on super smooth, thicker paper (such as that in our Ink+Volt products!), or materials like notecards, greeting cards, cardstock, etc. The most impressive fact? Your ink won’t run dry even if the cap is removed for 2-3 days.