Schneider One Hybrid N Rollerball Pens Assorted Color 4-Pack

Schneider One Hybrid N Rollerball Pens Assorted Color 4-Pack

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Why We Love It

The One Hybrid N series is a team favorite here at Ink+Volt. We've tested a lot of pens, and we know our customers will love writing with this one for several reasons. First and foremost, this pen literally glides across the page so smoothly and quickly. Great for taking notes, quick scribbles, or anytime you need your pen to keep up with your thoughts. 

This super comfortable pen feels balanced in your hand, and the ink dries instantly on the page (no smears!). The needle point tip lends a preciseness to your writing. It can be hard to find a high-quality pen that doesn't break the bank. The One Hybrid rollerballs feel expensive, without the high price tag.

Who is Schneider?

We are very happy to be partners with Schneider, a famous pen company in Germany whose focus is on quality and reputation. Schneider dates back to 1945 with the manufacturing of ballpoint refills. The company quickly became pioneers of the refill industry in homes and offices across Germany, soon moving on to manufacture their own ballpoint pens. Today, Schneider is a leading pen company around the world. All development and production happens in Germany, ensuring the highest product quality and social standards.

We love that Schneider cares about environmental responsibility—resource conservation, reduction of C02 emissions, and sustainable practices. Look for the “We Care” symbol on your package of pens.


Set of 4 One each of black, red, green, and blue.
0.3mm tip 0.3mm hybrid needle tip for precise writing.
Smooth ink flow Schneider's "Super Flow System" means ink flows consistently with every stroke.
"Cap-off" ink You can leave this pen uncapped for 2-3 days and the ink won't dry out.
Rubberized body This pen is ergonomically friendly, with a rubberized exterior for supreme comfort.
Waterproof ink Meets the ISO 14145-2 standard, meaning it's safe to use for documentation.
Made in Germany Designed and engineered at Schneider headquarters in Germany.