Schneider Slider Rave Retractable Ballpoint Pen 2-Pack

Schneider Slider Rave Retractable Ballpoint Pen 2-Pack

There’s just something about a retractable pen…click click. Click click.

The Slider Rave Ballpoint pen takes the best of Schneider’s well known extra broad ballpoint pens, and crafts it all into a delightful retractable version. This pen is easily refillable so you can keep on writing without having to throw it out. Comes in a pack of two, available in both black and blue ink.

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Why We Love It

This is truly an on-the-go, busybody pen. When you're traveling, hopping between meetings, or on parent duty, a reliable retractable pen is your best friend. Take it out of your bag, click it, and write in a quick motion without dealing with a pen cap or dried out ink. We think this pen is "steal-worthy," meaning it might be missing from your desk one day from an envious co-worker.

Who is Schneider?

We are very happy to be partners with Schneider, a famous pen company in Germany whose focus is on quality and reputation. Schneider dates back to 1945 with the manufacturing of ballpoint refills. The company quickly became pioneers of the refill industry in homes and offices across Germany, soon moving on to manufacture their own ballpoint pens. Today, Schneider is a leading pen company around the world. All development and production happens in Germany, ensuring the highest product quality and social standards.

We love that Schneider cares about environmental responsibility—resource conservation, reduction of C02 emissions, and sustainable practices. Look for the “We Care” symbol on your package of pens.



Viscoglide® technology Schneider's signature Viscoglide® technology ensures an easy flowing line and fantastic writing performance.
Retractable and refillable Retractable means no fuss with caps, and refill makes this a long-lasting option.
Extra broad tip If you haven't tried extra broad pens before, we urge you to give them a shot.
Ergonomic grip Ergonomic and a rubberized grip for comfortable writing.
Quick drying ink Ensures that your writing won't smudge, even if you highlight on it later.
Waterproof ink Meets the ISO 14145-2 standard, meaning it's safe to use for documentation.
Made in Germany Designed and engineered at Schneider headquarters in Germany.