Reflection Cards

Reflection Cards

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Why We Love It

Here at Ink+Volt, each product we sell goes through a lot of testing and research. When we received a deck of Reflection Cards to sample, our team sat down to "play" a few rounds. The questions are so creative and engaging, and we had a lively conversation that taught us all a little something about everybody else. These Reflection Cards allow you to ponder, connect, and practice mindfulness and introspection–all things we believe in very strongly. 

Holstee Reflection Cards lifestyle Holstee Reflection Cards lifestyle



52 cards Each set comes in the standard deck of 52 cards.
104 unique questions Each card has two "levels" of questions, for a total of 104 unique questions.
12 themes These cards are inspired by 12 mindful themes including intention, resilience, adventure, and compassion.
Colorful design These cards are colorful and energetic in design.