• What is the difference between the Signature Series and Limited Edition Series planner?

    The Signature Series and the Limited Edition are exactly the same in terms of content and format; the only difference is the type and color of the cover material. The Signature Series comes in 3 classic colors and our trusted soft-touch, suede-like cover material. The Limited Edition Series comes in 9 colors and has a linen-like cover material.

  • Where can I find the planner PDF? Once I purchase, how do I download it?

    The 2019 Ink+Volt Planner PDF is available now! You can purchase it here.  After you purchase the PDF, check out the download instructions.

  • When will my order ship?

    Your purchase will be processed and shipped 1-2 business days after placing an order, unless the book is a pre-order. If you selected standard/ground shipping, the expected arrival date is 7-10 business days (domestic orders). Expedited orders will arrive within 3-5 business days of the shipment date (not the order date).*

    For international orders, unfortunately we can’t guarantee when these books will arrive because customs and shipping delays can sometimes hold up the process. For international shipping please allow 30 business days from the date of your order. If you need your book by a certain day, email me at help@inkandvolt.com. We’d be happy to work with you to arrange expedited shipping specific to your country.

    For more information, please visit our shipping policy here.

    *Note: If you placed an order over the weekend, your items will be processed and shipped out on Monday.


  • I ordered a digital PDF of the Ink+Volt Planner. How do I print it out?

    Our digital PDF of the Ink+Volt Planner is formatted for standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper and should print from home like any other document. If you would like to print the Ink+Volt Planner, we have created a printing guide to help adjust your settings.

    If you would like to print the PDF professionally, your preferred print shop will most likely ask to see our permission. Please email us for permission to print out the Ink+Volt Planner PDF for personal use.

  • What is your return policy?

    Visit our return policy for more information.

  • My order hasn't arrived yet. What should I do?

    If your package does not arrive within 7 days of the expected delivery date please let us know. We insure all of our packages, but if you don’t let us know in a timely manner there will be nothing we can do to get you a refund or a replacement. We want to make sure you order arrives safely to you, and if there are any hiccups at all don’t hesitate to reach out to us at help@inkandvolt.com

    If the tracking shows as delivered but your package does not arrive, and it was sent to the address provided in your order, then you will need to follow up with the carrier as these instances are not covered by insurance and we won’t be able to help.

  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Yes! We have bulk pricing available exclusively on goods made by Ink + Volt. For more information, email us at hello@inkandvolt.com

  • What's the difference between the Ink+Volt 2019 Planner and the Ink+Volt Undated Planner with Notes?

    The big differences between the Ink+Volt Planner and Undated Planner with Notes:

    1. The Ink+Volt Planner is dated throughout (our upcoming version is dated January – December 2019),  whereas the Undated is not, so you can start and stop using it at anytime without wasting a week/month of pages.
    2. The Ink+Volt Planner has planning pages for 12 months instead of 6 months.
    3. The Ink+Volt Planner has 6 blank pages in the back for notes, while the Ink+Volt Undated Planner has lots of lined, unlined and perforated pages to take notes.

    Other than that, the page layouts are very similar. Feel free to check out the preview of each layout:
    Ink+Volt 2019 Planner
    Ink+Volt Undated Planner with Notes

  • Why are there only 6 months of planning in the Ink+Volt Undated Planner?

    This was intentional. We wanted it to be a notebook and a planner. Something you could take to meetings and take notes in, but also a place to track your daily life.

    Our original prototypes had a full year of planner tools, but once we added the notes pages, the book topped out at over 400 pages (the actual notebook is 212 pages), and that version would be really heavy and hard to carry around.

    If you would like a year’s worth of planning tools, check out the 2017 Volt Planner. While it doesn’t have the note-taking pages of our undated version, it has all of the same planning tools and layouts for 12 months of use.

  • Why are there two bookmarks in my planner?

    We put in two bookmarks to make it easy to flip back and forth between your most-used pages. For everyone, the pages they use the most are different.

    Here’s how I use the bookmarks: I keep one in the “planner” part of the notebook on my current weekly outlook, which is the page I look at most often. The second bookmark I keep in the note pages section of the notebook, on whatever page I was most recently taking notes on so that I can reference it easily.

  • I placed a preorder or backordered a product. When can I expect it to ship?

    A pre-order means that we are still creating your book! By placing a pre-order, you are reserving your copy, and it will be sent as soon as the book is hot off the printers. Usually, the expected ship date of the pre-order is listed in the product title and/or description on the product page.