February 25, 2016

The Inspiration Pages

Every week in the Volt Planner, you’ll uncover a journaling page called Weekly Inspiration.


To get you thinking about how you’re doing, how you’re working, and what you want for your future.

At the top of the Weekly Inspiration page, there is a question or a quote. I started writing on these pages just to try out every page in the notebook, but suddenly I found myself spending 30-60 minutes working through the ideas and exercises inspired by the weekly prompt. I would write lists, brainstorm ideas, and even sometimes just end up writing about something that had been bothering me all week.

This has become my ritual. And it’s amazing.

It’s almost like seeing a therapist: once a week, I sit down and really think. I go inside my head, and I put down on paper the things that have been spinning around in my mind. Having put the problem down on paper, I release it from the round-and-round track it had been running in my mind. And by clearing it off the track, it creates space for a solution to come in.

Even when I don’t realize a solution right away, journaling my problems, questions, or thoughts helps me see opportunities that may not have been apparent at first glance. In other words, writing regularly can help you learn to break down complex experiences into relevant, useful bits of information.

While I recommend using the prompt to brainstorm new ideas and perspectives that may be floating around your consciousness, you can use this space for whatever suits your process and work style, with a little inspiration thrown in! Below, I’ve listed a few other ideas to get you started.

How To Use The Inspiration Pages

  • Annotate team meeting notes
  • Brainstorm weekly mastermind group
  • Reflect on your life and progress
  • Note accomplishments or struggles from the previous week
  • Use the thought at the top to journal and reflect
  • Doodle pictures that inspire and motivate you
  • Log whatever made you happy
  • List 5 things you learned in the past week