Adhesive Point Tabs


Brighten up your notebook or planner with these colorful point tabs. Vibrant and functional, these sticky-backed, kaleidoscope patterned point tabs allow you to pinpoint page content with specificity and style! Use them as a book marker to save your spot in your book, magazine, journal, or planner. Or use them as divider tabs in your binder.

A great add on with your Ink+Volt planner. Mark your current monthly goals and weekly outlook, yearly achievements, and note section. These vivid tabs will help you stay organized!

The gentle adhesive won’t rip your pages. Set of 8 mini-pads per pack.

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Why We Love It

Never lose your spot with these colorful, funky tabs. We dig the colors and patterns, and use them to mark important events and special notes in our notebooks and planners. They are a lot like post-it notes in terms of the paper and adhesive, so you can use them to mark your place in books or positions in documents.

Product Specs

  • 360 adhesive tabs

    Plenty to go around.

  • Set of 8 mini-pads per pack

    Teardrop shaped pads.

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