Binder Paper Pockets


For all the loose papers and documents that don’t have hole punches, these folder dividers come in handy. Each pack comes with five double-sided pocket folders; each one has a pocket in the front and the back, allowing for more room and utility. The folders are bright white, and each come in with a different accent color – chartreuse, fuchsia, olive green, coral, and pale blue. There’s even a section to label your folders with the subject, date, and contents.

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Why We Love It

These paper pockets are super functional and the bright colors are sure to grab your attention. They make the perfect catch-all for keeping all of your extra papers and inspirations in one place and are sturdy enough to use as dividers, an essential to any well organized binder. You'll look professional and organized, taking your work to the next level.

Product Specs

  • 9 1/2" x 11"

    The perfect size for your standard binder and standard letter-size documents and papers.

  • 5 folders per set

    Great to use as a divider for different subjects too. Each folder has a different accent color: chartreuse, fuchsia, olive green, coral, and pale blue.

  • Double-sided pockets

    Party in the front and the back.

  • Subject, Date, and Contents label

    Formatted on the front of each folder.

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