Garden Variety Clips


Roses, birds, and butterflies, oh my! These rendered, stainless steel clips are as decorative as they are functional. With 15 clips total, you’ll have a nice little array to choose from for adding that special touch.

They can be used for any document, book, and they’ll look delightful in your Ink+Volt planner. Use them throughout your planner or journal so you can quickly flip through different sections. It will always feel like spring time with these garden clips.

In stock

Why We Love It

Why should paper clips be standard? The answer is--they shouldn't! We love how handy these pretty paper clips are. They’re great for keeping your papers together, but they also double as a bookmark or even as a decorative touch to cards, invites, and more. We'd love to see how you use them!

Product Specs

  • 15 clips total

    Roses, birds, and butterflies (5 of each design).

  • Roughly the size of a quarter

    These metal clips will add a special touch to all your paper products.

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