Gelly Roll® Silver Shadow 5-Pack


These Gelly Roll® Silver Shadow gel ink pens are great to have on hand not just for arts and crafts, but journaling, note-taking, doodling, drawing, and more. With a reflective sheen and dark metallic finish, the pens will add a little pop of fun to your projects.

This particular set is especially amazing because of its two-toned effect. The pen writes in silver metallic ink, outlined with a different color. It looks like magic. The folks who make these pens suggestion waiting 2-3 minutes after writing to see the full effect, and using paper that is white, uncoated, and fibrous.

The pens write with a 0.7mm bold line, and comes in a pack of 5 silver metallic pens with these outline colors: blue, pink, purple, green, and orange.

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Why We Love It

These gel pens are so unique, we just had to have them. These would be great to use in a greeting card to a friend, leaving a fun note for your kid, or even for general note-taking. The elegance of the silver writing along with a magical colored outline make these pens really special and stand out.

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