Lamy Palladium Fountain Pen

$199.00 $165.00

Details are everything. This Lamy fountain pen has a beautiful palladium finish as well as a bi-color nib of 14 carat gold and platinum. This is truly a statement pen you’ll have for years to come. You may also notice the steel propeller-shaped clip, making this pen even more unique and special. Whether you use it for everyday writing or professional purposes, this quality pen will give you a smoother writing experience.

Equipped with blue ink and a fine nib.

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Why We Love It

Simply said, this is a beautiful pen. Sometimes something as simple as a nice, high quality pen, can make a huge difference. It feels better. It writes better. And of course, it looks amazing. Gift it to someone special--or as a treat to yourself.

Product Specs

  • Fine nib

    For those who prefer a thinner line.

  • Steel nib

    Strong and durable.

  • Sleek palladium finish

    A gold-bronze hue is a classy look.

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