Pigma® Micron® Heritage/Earth 6-pack


Pigma Micron pens use micro pigment ink for waterproof and fade proof lines. These pens are super high quality and well known for being permanent but doesn’t result in bleeding through the pages or the ink running if your page gets wet.

This pack of 6 archival ink pens have a .45mm (05) point tip, and comes in this assortment of earthy colors: sepia, royal blue, burgundy, hunter green, blue/black, and fresh green.

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Why We Love It

You've stumbled upon another one of Kate's picks! The Pigma Micron pens are one of Kate's favorite pens and she uses it almost every day to take notes in her Volt Planner. With these pens, you don't have to worry about them bleeding through the page or smudging, or the tip getting clogged-- they are super reliable and super permanent.

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