Calendar Stickers – School Edition


This school-edition booklet of small calendar stickers are perfect for keeping track of events and deadlines throughout the school year, including tests, registration, meetings, and more. If you are using one of our planners, they are a great compliment to remind of you of important dates. Make this school year your best one yet.
There are 18 different stickers and 288 stickers total in the pack.

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Why We Love It

One of the things we love about the planners we carry is that they are simple and flexible, but sometimes they need a little something-something. If you are using a planner, these stickers are a fantastic compliment to note important events in a visual way.

Designed for the school year, these stickers are perfect for students, teachers, and academics. You can use these stickers for everything from homework assignments to spring break. There are stickers for registration, projects, assignment due dates, games, parties, holidays, study groups, meetings, coffee dates, tests, shopping, trips, payments, breaks, club meetings, essays, birthdays and dates. The one thing to know is that there are the same amount of each type of sticker (16), so you probably won't use all of each kind (unless you intend to register 16 times in a year!). That being said we love the illustrations and clean color palette.

We think they make planning and reaching your goals more fun - and even a little more beautiful.

Product Specs

  • 288 stickers

    Various academic stickers such as projects, assignments, club meetings, and more.

  • 2/3" diameter

    Round stickers the perfect size for any calendar view.

  • Optional sticky strip backing

    For planners or notebooks without pockets, expose the sticky strips

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