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Volt Planner with Notes – Undated

The Volt Planner with Notes, combines the effective success planning system of the Ink+Volt Planner with the functionality of a notebook.

It features 6 months’ worth of brand new Weekly Inspiration journaling prompts, and all of your favorite productivity, planning, and organizing tools. The planner is undated, which means you can start using it right away. With this version of the Volt Planner you no longer need a planner and a notebook, and can keep all of your ideas, plans and goals in one place. Our newest version now features a pocket on the back inside cover so you can store loose notes, receipts, and more.

You can check out a preview of the Volt Planner below.

We are currently sold out of this item and expect to have more in stock by early 2018. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The Story

The original Spark Notebook is the brainchild of Kate Matsudaira, a technology executive and startup founder, who has been on a quest for the perfect notebook for more than 10 years. This notebook has been perfected and adapted with feedback from thousands of customers to produce one a top quality notebook and planner you would be proud to carry - the Volt Planner with Notes.

Hoping to combine the function of a life planner into the sleek design of a basic, modern notebook, Kate embarked on a journey to build the perfect notebook herself in the fall of 2014.

Kate interviewed dozens of fellow notebook lovers, from executives and engineers to authors and artists, and began working with a talented design team to bring the perfect notebook to life. In November 2014, she launched a Kickstarter project so that she could produce enough notebooks to break even on the sizable cost of printing. Her goal was to raise $14,000; by the end of the campaign, she had raised $138,572. Clearly, The Spark Notebook had hit a nerve.

And you don’t have to take our word for it – just head on over to our new testimonials page. Still undecided? You can flip through a preview of this planner here.

Preview the Ink+Volt Planner Pages

Product Specs

  • Over 200 pages.

    You’ll always have space for your next great idea

  • Pocket on inside cover.

    Don't let your stubs, receipts, and notes go rogue.

  • 6 months worth of pages.

    To keep the notebook lightweight and streamlined, it's formatted for 6 months of use at a time.

  • Keep your notes with you.

    There are 94 note taking pages in the second half of the book.

  • Perforated pages.

    The last half of the book (the note taking pages) are perforated so it is easy to share all of your great ideas.

  • Two-page markers.

    Never lose your place with two ribbon page markers.

  • Date-free calendars

    Start using the notebook any day of the year without wasting pages.

  • High quality, ink-proof, acid-free paper.

    Your ink won't bleed through our 70# bright white smooth paper. We've even tested fountain pens. And this paper is rainforest friendly - so in addition to being top quality it is also eco-friendly.

  • Sophisticated cover.

    You can't go wrong with a classic notebook. And we use a special (vegan) material that has a soft touch feel.

  • 6” x 8.5” size.

    Cover to cover size, perfect for at-your-desk or in a meeting.

Customer High Fives

I've worked with a ton of planners and this one is so simple, clean and well designed that I so look forward to my planning and creative time. As a mom and entrepreneur, renovating a house and running 2 businesses, I needed to prioritize time for organizing my BRAIN in a big, big way. Lindsey W.
"After only a week I can tell you it has changed my life. The layout is wonderful and I can't imagine going forward with any other goal-based planner." Danni D.
"In the past 7 days of using my planner I’ve been more productive than the last 6 months combined." Kendell R.

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