Softcover Notebook Set – Birch


A set of two different but still complementary designed notebooks. One is a rusty orange color, the other is a creamy mint color, and both have a beautiful blossom pattern. These textured, softcover notebooks have 64 blank sheets waiting to be filled with your thoughts and ideas. Use one as an ongoing bucket list and the other for a book list. Thin and light weight so you can carry daily. Leave one in your bag and the other at home or your desk.

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Why We Love It

We love the creamy floral pattern of these notebooks, and how each of the styles complement the other so nicely. More importantly than being stylish, these two notebooks are so versatile and not at all bulky, making it easy for on-the-go notes and ideas. Use them to keep track of your monthly spending, favorite recipes, meal prep log, places to travel, exercise log, etc.

Product Specs

  • 64 blank sheets

    Lay flat binding and foil printed on a thick linen-textured cover.

  • Set of two notebooks

    Set a theme for each notebook or use them for everything (ideas, favorite recipes/meal prep log, places to travel, exercise log, etc.).

  • 6” x 8″ size

    Perfect size to carry daily.

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