I+V Meeting Notes


Do you go to a lot meetings? Never miss an important detail with the I+V Meeting Notes pad. This was one of the most popular layouts from the original designs and is great tool to help you stay organized. Some companies even put one in every conference room.

This notepad is made using the same high quality 70 lb. paper found in the our planners, with a soft touch black cover.

The format and sections of the meeting notes include:

Date, Topic, Attendees, Notes, Main points, Follow up/next steps

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The Story

By popular demand - a notebook of just meeting notes.

Take your meetings to the next level.

When we first created the Spark Notebook we had included a handful of these meeting notes layouts. It turns out people loved them and wanted more of them – and they requested a notebook of just meeting notes. We looked into doing that, but realized that some people liked to tear them out to transcribe into email, scan into their computers, or share with their colleagues. With that in mind, we road tested a notepad instead – this form factor makes it easier to write on in meetings. And since each page is perforated, they are easy to share and tear out easily. And the pages are only printed on one side, so you can always write on the back if you need a little more space.

If you need help paying attention, or just want to be better at taking notes, this notepad is for you. With sections for attendees and next steps, this notepad gives you structure to remember all the important points. We love this notepad as a companion to our planner because it provides a sleek way to keep track of all the important things that go on at work.

These also make good gifts for your colleagues – and some companies buy enough to keep one in every conference room.


Product Specs

  • Take your notes with you.

    48 sheets each printed with the meeting notes layout.

  • 5.75” x 8.25” size.

    A perfect size for at-your-desk or in a meeting.

  • Sophisticated cover.

    Soft touch black cover you'll love.

  • Share your notes.

    Each page is perforated making it easy for you to share your meeting notes.