The Ink+Volt 2018 Planner – Limited Edition Series


This is going to be YOUR year.

You have big goals and your Ink+Volt Planner is going to help you reach them. The system has been proven effective for thousands of people, and with a little discipline and hard work it can work for you too. There are pages for you to put your plans into focus, and then track your progress each week – helping you achieve what is truly important.

And like all of the products we create, we use the best quality materials. From the sophisticated linen cover, to the smooth bright white paper, we have taken every detail into consideration to create a planner that is functional, and will last all year. Each planner is hand bound in the USA, a difference you can feel and see.

Check out a preview of the 2018 edition at the bottom of this page. 

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The Story

The Ink+Volt Planner was created by Kate Matsudaira, a successful tech executive and entrepreneur, who was looking for a way to add more structure to her life. When just using basic tasks lists or notebooks she found that her day would go by a whirlwind of tactical to do items and at the end of the week she hadn't made progress on the things that really mattered. What started as a simple Kickstarter for an effective has transformed into a phenomenon.

And now you can get your own. A planner that has been proven to help people reach their goals. A planner that as beautifully made as it is functional. It will something you want to carry with you, and your coworkers will ask where they can get one too. Isn't it time you invested in your future?

The Ink+Volt Limited Edition series has the same goal setting layouts as the 2018 signature edition. This planner will help you bring your year, month, and weeks into focus. Set goals for 2018, whether that’s improving your time management skills, starting a new career, mastering a new skill, or traveling more—this is the planner to help you get there.

The system starts with a series of pages to help you plan your year. It is about thinking about your future and what really matters for your life. Then there are monthly layouts, weekly goal lists, and a way for you plan your week (so you don’t lose sight of what matters in the whirlwind of your work and life). There are also weekly journal prompts you can use to inspire your week ahead.

From adventures of getting a masters degree, authoring a book, to traveling the world, the Ink+Volt Planner has helped people far and wide accomplish their goals and live their dreams.

You’re ambitious. Turn your dreams into actions.  

Preview the Ink+Volt Planner Pages

Customer High Fives

"I LOVE my planner! This is my second year doing it, and it is working very well! I "take myself out to breakfast" every Monday and do my journaling and planning for the week!" Stevie R.
"I love using the planner. The weekly format is a great way to get me to stop and think and make sure I am on track. Looking back at the week helps me eliminate things that waste time. I love the inspirational quotes." Jonathon P.
"In less than one week I've been able to create a morning routine that has helped me to be more productive by visualizing and focusing on my most important goals -it's exactly what I've been looking for!" Abdul V.
"The Ink+Volt Planner changed everything. The design is flawless, it seems super simple but when you start applying it, you realize it is simple by design and complex in its effectiveness. In my eyes, it is a fail proof system for reaching your goals." Kendell R.
"Thank you for the work you put into this planner to help people like me become a little bit more like the person I want to be." Whitney B.

Product Specs

  • Dated January thru December 2018.

    With 280 pages, you’ll always have space for your next great idea.

  • High quality, ink-proof, acid-free, rainforest friendly paper.

    Your goals never looked this good. Start the year fresh with crisp, bright-white paper. Fountain pen tested.

  • Sleek, minimal, and stylish covers.

    Beautiful, yet durable, linen fabric hardcover. Bold striking colors that express everything you want to become.

  • 6" x 8.5" cover to cover size.

    Not too big, not too small—perfect size to carry daily.

  • Two-page markers.

    Never lose your place with two ribbon page markers.

  • Lay Flat Binding.

    The book will lie flat no matter what page you are on.

  • Our most effective layouts.

    These layouts are proven, tested and perfected by thousands people who have used this system to reach their goals. Some of the layouts are:

    • Yearly Theme, Goals & Achievement Tracker
    • Monthly Calendar Overview
    • Monthly Goals
    • 30 Day Challenge (one for each month)
    • Weekly Goals
    • Weekly Inspiration and Journaling Prompt
    • Weekly Outlook for planning your week
  • Two Page Markers

    You’ll never have to worry about losing your place.

  • Made in USA

    I’m proud to send something to you made in the country where I live.

  • Luxurious & Sophisticated

    We tested all kinds of cover materials and picked one we know you will love.

  • 6” x 8.5” size.

    A perfect size for at your desk or in a meeting.

  • Environmentally Sound

    Soy based inks. Rainforest friendly paper.

  • Lay-Flat Binding

    Hand-sewn and designed with a special binding that allows easy front and back writing.

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