Zombie Pets Adhesive Flags


Meet Zoey who likes to play peekaboo, Spunky the mouth breather, and Leo the dog who loves belly rubs.

These adorable little Zombie Pets Adhesive Flags will make a fun addition to your notebook, novels, textbooks, or planner. Show your young ones how to organize their homework and mark their favorite passage in their books with these sticky notes. Sneak them inside their lunchbox to make them smile at lunch. There are plenty of these zombies to go around.

Don’t worry–these creepy but cute zombie pets are harmless.

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Why We Love It

How can you not love these? Crazy, quirky, and fun. They are a great way to mark important pages in books, or even important places in documents. They are a lot like post-it notes so you can write on them if needed (but the writing can be hard to read on darker colors). Mark the spot in your favorite zombie novel or leave a frightfully fun message for a loved one or friends!

Product Specs

  • 105 sticky flags total / 35 per design

    Zoey, Spunky, and Leo.

  • 1.5″ – 2.5″ from ear to tail

    Perfect size for these creepy but cute zombies to peek out of your journal or book.

  • Gentle adhesive

    Easily removable and won't rip your pages.

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