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Doodle Theory Anywhere

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We've all mindlessly doodled during a boring meeting. But here's a question: have you ever doodled on purpose? Introducing Doodle Theory Anywhere: a doodle notebook with shapes and squiggles designed to help you start doodling with direction. 

Usually our doodles get shoved to the side of our notes, planners, and lists. This time, your doodles have a place to live and can even expand into bigger illustrations. Each page comes with a starter squiggle or shape to get your creative juices flowing. This travel-friendly size would be great for airplane or train rides, road trips, and more. 

Product Specs

5 1/2" x 4 1/2"

204 pages

Lay flat

Why We Love It

We're often encouraged to "exercise creativity." But sometimes that's easier said than done–how does the average person find time to simply "be creative" on a regular basis? This is why the Doodle Theory Anywhere pad is so genius. The little starter squiggles and shapes are just enough prompting to get you on your way to creating something fun and unique. What started as a circle might turn into a planet in outer space, a beach ball, or a compass. The possibilities are endless!