Gelly Roll Moonlight 10-Pack
Gelly Roll Moonlight 10-Pack swatch on white paper
Gelly Roll Moonlight 10-Pack swatch on black paper
Gelly Roll Moonlight 10-Pack, lifestyle

Gelly Roll® Moonlight 10-Pack

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These Gelly Roll® Moonlight gel ink pens are bright, bold, and perfect for projects with a little less shine, and a lot more color. They produce amazing results not only on white paper, but darker colored papers as well for a glowing effect. We tested it ourselves on black paper and the colors were amazing! Try them out in our Ink+Volt Coloring Book for an electric effect. 

The pens write with a 0.3mm fine line, and comes in a pack of 10 amazing colors: fluorescent yellow, orange, vermilion, pink, and green, plus bold red, rose, purple, green, and blue.

Product Specs

0.3mm point

Set of 10

Writes on dark paper

Why We Love It

Not only do you get 10 awesome colors, you get so much more. You can write on white paper, and even dark paper (it looks especially bright on black paper). Matte or glossy paper, including photographs. Fine point. No feathering, no bleed-through. And for an added bonus, the fluorescent colors glow under a black light.