Hide and Seek Page Pals

Hide and Seek Page Pals

Where can you find a fox, a rabbit, and a groundhog? On these fun Hide and Seek Page Pals. These creatures are die-cut and can adhere to your notebooks, planners, books, and more. Use as a bookmark, organize your paperwork, or mark your favorite passage in your book—the options are endless with your page pals.

Makes a perfect gift along with a journal!

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Why We Love It

Most of the goods you find on Ink+Volt are sophisticated, professional, and functional. But then you'll come across something fun and playful to spice things up and keep things colorful. Our customers love adding a pop of funk to their notebooks and planners. Not to mention, the gentle adhesive will keep your most important papers intact.



105 flags Fox, rabbit, and groundhog (35 of each design).
Gentle adhesive Easily removable and won't rip your pages.
1.5 x 7.5mm Perfect size for these cute animals to peek out of your journal or book.