Ink+Volt 2020 Planner & Hatch Notebook Bundle

Ink+Volt 2020 Planner & Hatch Notebook Bundle

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Why We Love It

If you had to ask us what our main goal is here at Ink + Volt, it's to turn your dreams into reality. If this sounds like a lofty goal, we've got you covered. The Ink+Volt Planner and Hatch Notebook would pass a compatibility test with flying colors, built with features and tools that complement each other but are equally strong on their own. They make each other better, and will make you better and more successful.

The Hatch Notebook is your brainstorming and organizational tool for all the ideas you want to bring to life, while the Ink+Volt Planner keeps you on track and allowing you to set milestones, goals, tasks, and accomplishments.

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The Hatch Notebook is broken up into three sections: Conceive, Incubate, and Hatch.

The Conceive section has 4 pages for you to list your ideas and assign them rankings for excitement, difficulty, and page reference numbers for when you move forward with those ideas. This is followed by 16 dot-grid pages for you to map out, draw, and organize.

In the Incubate section, you evaluate your ideas and asses them for potential. Here you can evaluate up to 12 projects you had in your "Conceive" section by defining the features, market, value, competition, challenges, and more.

Now you are ready to Hatch. Transform your ideas into fully formed concepts by listing out action steps, and plans for executing your idea; the additional dot-grid pages in this section allow plenty of room to hatch your plan.

While you're using the Hatch Notebook, your Ink+Volt Planner is the perfect tool to keep by its side while you conquer your ideas. It will keep you accountable for all of the tasks and goals you set out to accomplish. Set monthly and weekly goals, and pencil in your tasks and meetings for the days ahead. Track your accomplishments, and check in with the long-term goals you set for the year.