Ink+Volt Inspirational Coasters

Ink+Volt Inspirational Coasters

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The Story

You know us as the experts in functional, sophisticated stationery and products that make you more successful in work and in life. So you may be wondering - where do coasters fit in at Ink+Volt?

Ink and Volt coasters, lifestyle Ink and Volt coasters, lifestyle

Smart function, high quality, and beautiful design are essential to every product we carry and design at Ink+Volt. It's about surrounding yourself with products that not only get the job done, but allow you to focus on your goals and bring you joy. It's about creating a work space and an environment that foster inspiration, focus, and creativity.

That's why we took your average coaster and turned it into a masterpiece. These coasters are made from high quality wool felt material by our friends at byrd&belle - the same folks that make our popular custom planner sleeves. The double-sided design gives you the freedom to decide what speaks to you in the moment - an inspiring word, or a vibrant pattern reminiscent of bursting sun rays.


Set of 4 Each coaster has a unique word screen printed on one side, and a fun design on the other.
High quality wool felt Due to the natural lanolin content of wool, these coasters are actually quite water-resistant and stain-resistant.
5mm thick Durable and thick to protect your countertops.
4" hexagonal shape A unique hexagonal shape, measuring roughly 4" across.
Made in USA These coasters are made in collaboration with byrd&belle in Minnesota.