Kunisawa Find Sticky Memo Pad

Kunisawa Find Sticky Memo Pad

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Why We Love It

We are so excited that the Kunisawa line is part of our Ink+Volt store. In fact, this is the brand's debut in the United States, so you are truly getting a special product. Kunisawa notebooks are made with the finest paper. When you glide your fingers across the page, it feels so smooth and slick you almost can't believe it's paper. In fact, the company describes the paper as being "as smooth as silk." We can verify that claim.

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Official A7 size Roughly 2.9" x 4.1"
80 sheets 80 blank, adhesive notes.
Japanese OK Foolscap paper An extremely luxurious and high-class note paper.
Copper gilt edge foiling A beautiful metallic shine around the edges.
Covered notepad The sticky notes are enclosed in a cardstock cover for extra protection.
Made in Japan Produced in the heart of Tokyo.