Quiver Pen Holder

Quiver Pen Holder

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Why We Love It

Pens and notebooks go together like peanut butter and jelly. So why are they always getting lost? With the Quiver, you'll always have your pen ready and safe instead of at the bottom of your bag or worse--lost and never to be found again. The Quiver is made with high quality American leather and will last you a long time with its durability. 

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Ink+Volt branded In our collaboration with the makers of Quiver, each comes with the Ink+Volt logo stamped into the leather.
Fits most A5 notebooks Elastic band allows the Quiver to fit notebooks 8"-9.25" tall.
Tablet and Kindle friendly Fits Apple iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8" tablet cases.
100% full-grain American leather Luxurious soft finish.
Double pen Quvier Holds up to two pens or styluses.