Hi. I'm Kate Matsudaira.

"I created Ink+Volt to help you be more successful in your work and life. From the products to the advice in our journal everything is selected to help you get closer to your goals."

“Ink+Volt is a community. It is about ideas and success. My goal when I started it was to carry my favorite products and tools that would help you get one step closer to your dreams.”

This space and community started with an idea: the Spark Notebook.

The Spark Notebook started as the brainchild of Kate Matsudaira, a technology executive and startup founder, who has been on the quest for the perfect notebook for more than 10 years.

Hoping to combine the function of a life planner into the sleek design of a basic, modern notebook, she embarked on a journey to build the perfect notebook herself in the fall of 2014.

She interviewed dozens of fellow notebook lovers, from executives and engineers to authors and artists, and began working with a talented design team to bring the perfect notebook to life.

In November 2014, she launched a Kickstarter project so that she could produce enough notebooks to break even on the sizable cost of printing. Her goal was to raise $14,000; by the end of the campaign, she had raised $138,572.

Then with feedback from the community we launched a second Kickstarter in 2015 for the planner version of the notebook and that one raised $460,602.

Clearly, this idea had hit a nerve.

From the moment Kate printed the first book her goal was to make this into something that evolved through feedback and would be refined over time. With each version of the planner Kate makes updates and improvements to layout, materials, everything. And that same philosophy of continuous iterative improvement is core to Ink+Volt.

Each day you have a chance to be better than yesterday. Each day you can move one step closer to your goals. And whether you buy a planner, pen, or just read our blog and newsletter we are honored to be a part of your journey. Thank you for being here, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Ink+Volt has now become a passionate community of people enthusiastic about productivity, goals, and success. With thousands of users around the world, these books are helping people of all walks of life get a little bit closer to their biggest dreams.

The Ink+Volt family expanded by popular demand to include:

The Ink+Volt Planner (formerly the Spark Planner)

A full year exclusively of the proven planning system from the Spark Notebook, without any of the note-taking pages

Ink+Volt Meeting Notes Pad

An amazingly simple, artfully designed system for never missing a detail in a meeting again

In 2016, the Spark Notebook was renamed to the Volt Planner with Notes – Undated. In addition to our own products, we have expanded our online store to include more beautiful and functional tools centered around productivity, goals, and success. We are going places, and so are you!

We hope you’ll join us on this journey so we can watch all the amazing things you’ll do.