From the Founder

“Ink+Volt is a community. It is about ideas and success. My goal when I started it was to carry my favorite products and tools that would help you get one step closer to your dreams."

- Kate Matsudaira

Kate Matsudaira, founder of ink+volt, researching

Our Mission

You have big dreams and goals for your life. Ink+Volt is here to help you achieve them.

Our mission is to make you more successful in work and in life. We provide tools, products, and content that will help you on your journey to success, whatever it looks like to you.

We have studied what it takes to be your best, and we believe that having the right tools is essential to achieving your dreams. Whether it’s a planner, a calendar, a pen, or a thank you card that’s exactly right, it is our mission to give you exactly what you need to make the best possible impact. Even as most of the world goes digital, we understand the power of writing things down and of using tools that you can hold in your hand.

Every product we design and sell must meet our exacting brand standards. The pillars of the Ink+Volt brand are:

  • Success + Goals
  • Productivity + Organization
  • Creativity + Innovation
  • Happiness + Relationships
  • Health + Wellness
  • Spirit + Mindfulness 

Everything we write, create, and sell must reflect these pillars so that you can be more successful in all areas of your life.