3-Month Goal Planner Basics

Setting Short-Term Goals 

The Ink+Volt 3-Month Goal Planner combines the tried-and-true system of the original Ink+Volt Planner with an accelerated, hyper-focused timeline for short-term goal setting.

ink+volt 3 month planner

We strongly believe in the process of turning your dreams and visions into reality. That starts the same way whether your goal is long term or short term: one step at a time.

And research has shown that people who write down their goals — and review those goals regularly — experience more success than those that don't.

We took the best parts about the original, 12-month Ink+Volt Planner experience and turned it into a shorter and more concentrated version. This 3-month planner helps you not only establish and break down your goals, but helps you stay accountable and keep track of your progress.

To make the most of your planner setup experience, be sure to download our Yearly Planning Worksheets, where we walk you through effective reflection and goal-setting exercises to help you get started.  

Ink+Volt 3-Month Goal Planner Features

These are the key components you can find in the planner and how they work together:

Focus on Your Future

Ink+Volt 3 month planner focus on your future

Connect with your big vision. The thing that pulls you forward, inspires and excites you. Think about where you want to be in long-term. How would your business look in 3 years? What would your life be like in 3 years? Write down some ideas or even create a vision board. Remember that your vision is not the goal, but is something bigger that will drive your goals.


ink+volt 3 month planner roadmap

Using your vision as a reference, think about how you can turn it into reality with key actions. Think about what you could realistically achieve in the next 90 days. This section also helps you consider other important events and dates happening in the upcoming months so you can plan effectively.

Timeline & Goals

ink+volt 3 month planner timeline

Map out and sequence milestones and important events in order to organize your goals and give them deadlines. Setting dates on a timeline helps you visualize the months ahead and decide when you will tackle your goals.

Goal Setting

ink+volt 3 month planner goal setting

The 3-Month Planner features 6 goal-setting pages, and 1 stretch goal option. Establish your short-term goals and create an action plan. What do you need to do to get there? Consider any potential obstacles and challenges and prepare for them as best as you can. Stay motivated with words of encouragement and set a reward to congratulate yourself once the goal is complete. A crucial part of working on your goals is always knowing how far (or close) you are to completing it so you can plan better – the progress bar is a great way to keep tabs.

Plan of Action

Ink+Volt 3 month planner plan of action

Studies show that you’re more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down, making a plan, and committing to them. Create accountability for yourself with a solid plan of action and make that commitment.

Monthly Overview

ink+volt 3 month planner monthly overview

Monthly calendars offer a big-picture look at how you’re spending your time. Plan smarter days by always knowing the big picture context of your month. The Monthly Planning Pages are the perfect place to step back, look ahead, and set yourself up for success. This is the place to track of all your important dates, meetings, events, and appointments.

Weekly Inspiration Prompts

ink+volt 3 month planner inspirations

Each week features a hand-selected, thought-provoking question or statement to provide guidance along the way. This page is meant for your expression. It can be answering the question or writing a journal entry about how the quote made you feel. It could be for sketching and drawing, or writing a list.

Weekly Focus

ink+volt 3 month planner weekly focus

Prioritize and strategize so all of your work matters. List the top priorities that map to your goals, and list your tasks for the week. Be sure to check back on the previous week and move any outstanding items to this week. Keep track of habits and self-improvement efforts with a 7-day tracking system. Use the “Reflect + Celebrate” section to record accomplishments, highlights, and thoughts. And as always, be sure to review and check in on your goals.

Weekly Outlook

Ink+Volt 3 month planner weekly outlook

This is designed for time blocking to help you make the most of every single day. Lay out all of your personal and professional appointments for the week, and block off times to get your work and projects done. Time blocking, rather than planning hour by hour, will keep you on track and allow time for deep, focused work.

Annual Achievement Tracker & Reflection

ink+volt 3 month planner reflection

Of course a job well done deserves some celebration! Reflect on what went well this year, and be sure to track your achievements. 

With the Ink+Volt Planner, you can look any goal in the face and know that you can achieve it. Make today awesome.