Giving Program

Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Ink+Volt started out as one person’s dream, and little by little, it grew into a successful company. We believe in the idea of being small but mighty. Little steps every day add up to your biggest goals being fulfilled. Small acts of kindness radiate to the whole world around you.

Applications to receive free copies of the Ink+Volt 2024 Goal Planner are now open! Click below to apply. 

2024 Planner Donation Application

Terms and Conditions 

By applying for donated planners from Ink+Volt, please be aware of the following terms:

  • Planner colors are subject to availability and cannot be chosen or requested.
  • You must request a minimum of 10 planners.
  • You agree that donated planners cannot be sold/resold or profited upon in any way.
  • You agree to pay shipping & handling for the planners. An invoice estimate will be sent to you for your approval before shipping. 
  • You agree to share a testimonial, images, or tag Ink+Volt on social media upon receiving the planners.

"Seattle Ignited Women Project is an event that works to empower women and promote female leadership. To achieve those things takes planning, goal setting, and staying organized which is why the planner from Ink + Volt was such an amazing giveaway. The attendees walked away with something tangible where they could put action items into play right away from the event. I am so grateful to Ink + Volt for providing such an outstanding and unique product that I was able to send my attendees home with. They helped to make my event the huge success that it was."



"As a team, we work to ensure our students have all the tools to succeed and persist through college and beyond. Your contribution has pushed us much closer to that goal."