8 Best Wellness Journals for Your Health & Happiness

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Even with modern medicine, you only get one body, one brain, and one life experience.

Being as healthy and happy as you can is a worthy goal for anyone.

Keeping track of your health is much easier said than done, though. We often don’t notice we’re sick until the symptoms are obvious. Plus, when we’re dealing with more internal struggles like mental illness or autoimmune conditions, we don’t always have the foresight to prepare our body for the worst.

While we can’t control the cards (or genes) we’re dealt, we can consciously work to do right by our bodies to ensure we’re operating at our best.

Health and wellness is a vast area of focus. Depending on your personal journey, you may be interested in:

We’ve curated a list of the 8 best wellness journals on the market today. Each one is a bit different; some focus on fitness, some on emotional health, some on mindfulness, and a couple on unique perspectives of what impacts our overall wellness. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!

1. The Ink+Volt Fitness Planner

Whether you're an everyday exerciser or a newbie trying to develop new good habits, the Ink+Volt Fitness Planner is designed to help you set, track, and achieve your fitness goals. Built upon the proven Ink+Volt goal-setting system, this undated planner helps you track three months worth of goals and progress. Integrate your good habits and fine-tune your progress along the way with consistency-building lists and charts, while also recording inspiring quotes or meaningful updates to keep yourself motivated.

2. Eat Pretty, Live Well

Eat Pretty, Live Well is the companion journal to the best-selling beauty-health book Eat Pretty, which focuses on the importance of eating certain foods for healthy skin, hair, and overall appearance. WIth your skin being the largest organ on your body, you can learn a lot about your internal state by studying the status of your skin.

Track your food and feelings, and gain insight into your personal beauty-health connection as you move through the prompted entries in this journal.

3. Ink+Volt Gratitude Journal

The newest addition to the Ink+Volt line-up and by far our most self-aware. The Ink+Volt gratitude journal is a 60-day personal commitment to recognizing, recording, and reflecting on all the things in life you can be grateful for. It’s no secret that gratitude brings happiness to the thankful and the thanked, but gratitude isn’t the easiest to keep at top-of-mind. Including a guided gratitude overview, an overview of your gratitude-inducing life, and a weekly gratitude-focused activities, this is a book to keep on your nightstand and write in daily.

4. Practice You

Watercolor streaked pages, prompts of all shapes and sizes, this journal is for the creative and playful at heart. Get to know yourself a little bit better with the Practice You journal. Though there are no “tracking pages” for your workouts or meals, you’re compiling a record of self-inquiry in the inked pages of this book. For those curious about the inner desires of their soul, this book will bring you a wave of wellness with each page.

5. I’m Fine – a Real Feelings Journal

When you reply with, “I’m fine,” do you mean it? For most of us (myself included), no I usually don’t mean it.

“I’m fine” is a knee-jerk response to a question that, if answered honestly, could accidentally catapult us into an awkwardly deep conversation. So we avoid it in polite conversation — but we shouldn’t ignore it in our daily lives.

This journal is the perfect place to throw the “I’m fine” answer out the door and dive deeply into how you really feel. A mental wellness journal at its finest, the I’m Fine feelings journal offers daily prompts, emotional vocabulary, mental health focused activities, and a safe space to sort through how you feel. Next time someone asks, you might just have the words to share how you truly feel, and connect deeply with someone who may be feeling just as much as you.

6. Erin Condren Wellness Log

The Erin Condren Wellness Log is a pick for those on a weight-loss journey. Each month, there is a space to record your size, weight, specific measurements, and milestones toward your overall wellness goals, outlined at the start of the planner. Weekly spreads offer space for recording steps, water intake, sleep, and daily meals.

7. Two Minute Mornings

How much can you do in two minutes? According to Two Minute Mornings creator Neil Pasricha, you can set yourself up to win the day! Each day, you’re provided a short, thoughtful prompt on which you journal for two minutes (or more) about gratitude, letting go of stress, finding mindfulness in chaos, and much more. Research has shown that journaling regularly has a profound impact on mental health and the ability to self-express.

8. Dailygreatness Wellness Journal

A yearly journal for tracking a number of health and wellness-focused activities, the Dailygreatness Wellness Journal goes further with prompts to inspire your health journey along the way. Prompt topics include mindfulness, healthy eating, meditation, healthy habits, evening routines, reflection, and more. While tracking your wellness journey progress is important, taking a holistic approach, like focusing on your routines and habits, will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term.

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