12 Great Gifts for Minimalists

12 Great Gifts for Minimalists - a spark balance gift box and a gift ribbon

The art of minimalism is that less is more. And that presents somewhat of a dilemma when giving a gift.

How do you give a gift to someone who doesn't want stuff?

It can be difficult finding a gifts for minimalists, but when you do, it’s so gratifying — which is really the whole point of minimalism. The essential joy of having just the right thing.

So keep in mind the keys of gifts for minimalists when shopping: 

  • Simplicity rules all. Look for sleek design, monochromatic color ways, and maximum utility. Avoid things that don't have a clear purpose, and instead aim for objects that take up minimal space, don't have many parts, and do a lot with a little.
  • Sustainability is important. Intentionality is a guiding principle of minimalism, so go for quality pieces that will last a long time or for something sustainably made.
  • Design matters. Clean lines and natural elements (like wood) fit best in minimally-designed spaces. Think about your recipient's existing space, and choose things that match their current aesthetic.

Need a few ideas? Try these. (Once you get the hang of searching for these gifts for minimalists, maybe you’ll even incorporate some minimalist elements into your own life!)

Gifts for minimalists

1. Spark Balance: 50 Ways to Be Present and Find Focus

For minimalists, a gift that has big meaning in a small package is perfect. This little box contains 50 "matchsticks" that each contain a prompt designed to inspire deeper meaning in every day.

2. Libro.fm Gift Membership

Books are always a good idea, but audiobooks are clutter-free. Plus, audiobooks can be listened to anytime -- during workouts, commutes, chores, and more -- making them super flexible! Libro.fm is a great choice because your gift supports local bookstores instead of giant corporations, which your minimalist will love.

3. Concrete Planter 

Minimalist spaces are all about a well-balanced aesthetic, so if you’re in need of a housewarming gift or want to give something both useful and beautiful, think about something that is simple, like these concrete planters. They easily fit any bright and airy space and they’ll complement all the greenery your minimalist surely has throughout their home.

4. Linen Apron

For the most part, you may want to stay away from kitchen gadgets (especially if they only serve one specific purpose — that’s just a recipe for clutter), but this apron is irresistible! It’s soft and has a big pocket on the front. It looks great on and hanging in the pantry. 

5. Kunisawa Notebooks

Most minimalists love a good notebook, and that’s probably because there’s no simplicity quite like a blank page. We love Kunisawa notebooks because they feel luxurious and make a statement while maintaining both a classic and modern style. No matter who you are gifting to, you can find a Kunisawa notebook that suits their style:

Other great Japanese stationery that is perfect for minimalists:

A sleek pen makes a great addition, too.  

6. Sustainable Air Freshener 

Fresh scents don’t need to be showy. In fact, they should blend in. These sustainable air fresheners from Drift Co. can go anywhere, and with a subscription, you’ll always have a new, natural scent to look forward to. Put them in the car or a closet. 

7. Reusable Grocery Bag Pack 

Minimalism is first and foremost a lifestyle, and the aesthetic typically follows, so reusable items are a great choice for gifts. This grocery bag pack comes with a variety of sizes, so they can keep all that produce from the farmers market separate. This portable cutlery set is made from bamboo and contains everything required for any meal, including chopsticks and a cleaning brush. 

8. Amber Fragrance

Minimalism can take many forms. This amber fragrance is proof of that. It’s light and unisex, which we love because it means it’s great for everybody. The scent is soft, fresh, and clean. Versatility is what makes this a perfect gift for minimalists of any kind. 

9. Weekly Deskpad 

If minimalism is all about efficiency, then this deskpad is a necessity. It takes up no extra space and keeps even the busiest of people on track via its sleek, beautifully designed pages.  

Use this for a weekly lookahead, listing your goals and keeping track of things that have been put on the back burner. Even the simplest of office spaces needs a well-organized agenda that’s easy to see (there’s no forgetting all the important stuff when it’s right in front of you). 

10. Handmade Pendant Earrings

Finding a minimal fashion gift can be tricky! These brass earrings are simple and neutral, but still make a statement. Plus, they’re really fun! The style is in the details, which is something that speaks to the minimalist philosophy. 

11. The Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

Simple. Quick. Fresh. Everything a minimalist could want in a meal is in this cookbook by Dana Shultz, whose recipes have been made wildly popular on Instagram. “The entire cookbook is a work of art and the recipes are easy and delicious,” one reviewer wrote. Everything you could want in a dinner or dessert. 

12. Incense

Candles are great, but incense are even more sustainable, take up less room, and can make a space smell incredible. They create a moment of zen that is unmatched. Look for something that is locally made or captures the scent your recipient loves. These ones are hand-dipped and packaged in craft boxes. Details like this can make any simple gift so much extra.

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