5 Picks for the Best Fitness Planner for Your 2019 Health Goals

5 Picks for the Best Fitness Planner for Your 2019 Health Goals

Is fitness your focus this year?

Training your body to be physically fit enough to achieve your toughest fitness goals takes dedication and hard work. You build on your progress every week, getting stronger and stronger with each workout, so having the right tools to support you in that journey is essential. The best fitness planner for you will provide you with:

  • Motivational support
  • A dedicated space to track your fitness progress
  • A system to monitor your improvements over time
  • A map of fitness and health related goals and milestones

Distinctly different from a regular planner, a fitness planner focuses on tracking and planning your workouts, along with other interconnected life elements like nutrition, sleep, and attitude. Planning your workouts in advance is key for any fitness goal success; otherwise it’s too easy to use shorten your workout or skip it completely.

Training for a race? Want to do 100 push ups? Looking for a better way to track your flexibility, cardio, and strength? Then a fitness planner is a great tool to keep you on track regardless of what your fitness goals are.

If you’ve struggled to succeed with your fitness goals in the past, turn that pattern around and check out your best options for a 2019 fitness planner below!

1. Believe Training Journal

If your fitness goals are focused predominantly on running, this training journal will inspire you, provide you with useful information from professional athletes, and help you document your training progress.

Written by two elite professional women runners, it’s described as a “personal diary + workbook that will help keep you honest and motivated for running, while improving your mind and spirit alongside your body.” For some, running is an integral part of life and this journal supports that connection and relationship. It includes sections like:

  • Annual calendar page to plan your year of races
  • Weekly logs
  • Check-in pages for journaling
  • Information about mental and physical health topics related to training and running such as handling setbacks, nutrition, and recovery
  • Goal setting

It’s an easy to manage size, undated, and comes in fun colorways such as white, teal, and red!

2. Dailygreatness Training Journal: 12 Weeks to a Rocking Fit Body, Mind & Spirit

“With a unique combination of a 12-week training planner, goal planners, food and exercise journal and inspiration for staying motivated, this journal becomes your very own personal trainer.” If you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic about your fitness goals, this might be the planner for you. Unlike other planners that are more tactical, this one focuses on how you feel almost as much as what you’re doing for exercise and health.

The layout:

  • The journal starts off with information on how to use the journal and the unique concept that the journal focuses on: 8 daily steps to help get you to your ultimate fit body, mind, and spirit. These include meditation, gratitude, intention, eating clean, intensity training, water, stretching, and evening power questions.
  • Journaling and inspiration pages, like a before and after photo of yourself, help you get started and identify what you want to change.
  • The Rocking Body Blueprint page is your goal setting guide broken into 8 sections of focus: weight, diet/hydration, discipline, endurance, strength, flexibility, self love, and rest. Where are you now and where do you want to be in 12 weeks?
  • The 12 Week Goal Planner page, broken up into 3 4-week segments, helps you identify your goals each week, target dates for achieving those goals, steps you’ll take, and questions like how you’ll feel when you achieve that goal.
  • The 12 Week Training Planner page asks you to write down your weekly workout routine for the next 12 weeks.
  • Each week is numbered and the daily pages are laid out the same way: boxes to check off meditation, water intake, and stretching, space to write down what you’re grateful for, food intake, daily intentions, workout details, and evening reflection questions.
  • On Sunday is your Weekly Check In page, with space to write in your new habits and old, new mantras, reflection questions, and check boxes to remind you to review your goals.
  • Every 4-week block culminates in a 4, 8, or 12 Week Check In page to review your progress and answer reflection questions.

A soft, sturdy covered book, it only comes in one color (pink), and has 2 page finder ribbons for ease. Specifically designed for women, it’s an undated, motivational, holistic training guide.

And if yoga is your focus, Dailygreatness also makes a Dailygreatness Yoga Yearly Journal (also in a 90-day format). This journal supports a daily yoga and meditation practice!

3. Fitbook

A lot comes in this small but mighty Fitbook!

The Fitbook tracks your fitness and nutrition over the course of 12 weeks allowing you to memorialize and track your 12-week workout and nutrition goals. With layflat, spiral binding, it also includes a pen.

The layout:

  • In the first few pages, your 12 week plan emerges. You have space to write down your weekly workout routine for the next 12 weeks, plus goals and stats (current and future).
  • Then drill down into your specific plan on the weekly pages. These weekly pages are nice because there’s space to track your a.m. and p.m. workouts, plus meal planning. There’s space to write down what your reward for the week will be too!
  • The daily pages give you a lot of space to document each days workout and meals, including a super helpful nutrient tracker (did you eat your daily serving of veggies?).
  • On the Weekly Wrap Up page, journal about how your workouts and meal plans went, track whether you accomplished each day’s planned workout, and whether your reward was earned or not. What better way to keep you motivated?

4. Workout Journal: A Daily Fitness Log

Reminding you that daily movement is so important for your body, this Workout Journal recognizes that exercise isn’t just limited to what you do in the gym.

This fitness planner focuses just on your daily fitness, so if you’re looking for something that is all about movement and does not include nutrition tracking, this is perfect.

The layout:

  • Daily Fitness Log pages track your daily workout. The cardiovascular activities list different types of machines (elliptical, treadmill, etc.), classes (aerobics, spin, boxing, etc.), and free form (running, walking, swimming, biking, etc.), with space to write in others not listed. This is super helpful if you hike every weekend or exercise inside and outside frequently. The Strength Training section has space to write out your exercises and machine weight lifting activities, and space for strength-based classes, noting which muscle group you focused on.
  • A Weekly Progress Chart helps you keep track of things like your BMI, BMR, weight, and measurements.

It’s simple, undated, and has enough pages to last at least 3 months if you exercise every day, or up to 6 months if you exercise less frequently. It’s small like the other planners reviewed here (though some reviewers noted certain fields are too small), and comes with an outer band to keep it secure. Fitness tips and resources make this a complete fitness-focused planner.

5. The Ink+Volt Planner

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the endlessly customizable Ink+Volt Planner on this list! Although it is used most often for career goals and life tasks, your Ink+Volt Planner can actually be used to set and achieve any kind of goal!

In this extremely useful long-read guide, we’ve laid out how you can even train for a marathon using your Ink+Volt Planner. However, your goal doesn’t need to be so huge. Even training for a shorter race or trying to develop a healthier routine that includes regular exercise is easy to do in this planner, which spans a whole year, so you can track your progress and milestones over a greater timespan than most fitness journals.

No matter what your goal, finding the best fitness planner for you will help you stay on track and achieve your fitness aspirations. Do you have a fantastic fitness planner that you love? Let us know what it is! Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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