Cute Gifts To Brighten Someone’s Day

Cute Gifts To Brighten Someone’s Day

If you’re looking to show your appreciation to someone special, you can’t go wrong with a cute gift. 

Searching for the perfect gift for friends, loved ones, and coworkers doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sure, ideally we would find a gift that’s special and unique, while also being practical enough that our recipient will use it regularly.

But instead of spending hours scouring the internet for the ideal gift, do yourself a favor and opt for a gift that’s cute but functional. Something that’s nostalgic, and reminds them of their playful childhood, or something bright and cheerful that will add a pop of color to their personal space. A darling gift that they can use regularly without feeling too precious about it would definitely make a thoughtful and unique gift.

Whether you’re looking to show your gratitude to a coworker or give a gift to a loved one just because, here are some cute gift ideas that will surely brighten their day.

Cute gift ideas for friends 

Here are some gift ideas for that friend who always makes you feel supported and seen, gives you a boost when you’re feeling down, and always knows how to bring a smile to your face. 

Friendship Maintenance Postcards

Between work and family obligations, sometimes we end up neglecting our friendships without even meaning to. If you’re looking to add some extra TLC to your friendships, this box of 30 postcards will do just the trick. Friendship Maintenance Postcards bring to mind the days of exchanging friendship bracelets and necklaces with our bffs.

Just because we’re older now doesn’t mean we can’t bring that spirit of fun and cuteness to our adult friendships. Send a postcard to a long distance pal and let them know you’re thinking of them. Each card comes with a funny little message which will have you both remembering the days of trying not to giggle while passing notes in class. :)

Gelly Roll Pens

For the friend who loves doodling in their planner or sending colorful notes in the mail, this pack of adorable gelly roll pens will bring them back to the days of sticker books and trapper keepers. The array of brightly hued colors is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face. Plus, the ink has a touch of glitter that will make any drawing or message sparkle. You can even pair this with our Ink+Volt coloring book to make it that much more special.

The World Of Jane Austen Puzzle

If you’re looking for a cute and charming gift, you can’t go wrong with this thousand piece Jane Austen themed puzzle.This is for the friend who loves all things Jane Austen and the Regency era and has watched every screen adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. They’ll have so much fun putting together the iconic landscapes and characters of Jane Austen’s world. 

Cute gifts for coworkers

We spend more time with our coworkers than our own loved ones, so why not show our appreciation with a simple but cute gift? Whether it’s grabbing coffee or picking their brain or getting a pep talk during a stressful time, here are some ways you can thank the person who makes the 9-to-5 grind so much easier. 

Garden file folder

What do you give the coworker whose idea of fun is organizing and decluttering? A plain old manila folder is too impersonal, but this cheerful floral pattern is worthy of a gift giving occasion. Your coworker could use this to organize office documents, keep track of to-do lists, or bring it along on business trips and keep documents organized. 

For Me For You Notepad

Make project management more fun with these cute For Me For You tear off sheets. You can write down each other’s action items and then keep the sheet marked “For Me” while your coworker keeps “For You.” This is great for people who work in project management, event planning, creative work and more. You can also give this to students or family members who want a cute way of keeping track of their chores or homework.

My Future Listography Journal

With questions like “What countries do you want to visit?” and “What films do you want to see?,” the Future Listography Journal  is a fun and creative way to reflect on the future. This journal includes 70 prompts ranging from practical questions (places to visit and habits to break) to creative ones (fictional characters you’d want to hang out with.)

This would make a thoughtful gift to the coworker who’s figuring out their career or looking to make a career change. Plus, if your coworker is tired of answering the typical HR question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?,” they’ll get so much out of this interactive journal. 

Cute gifts for the special people in your life 

Whether it’s for your sister-in-law, parent, or neighbor who feels like a family member, here are some cute gift ideas to show how much you care. 

Spark Happiness: 50 Ways To Celebrate The Everyday

This gift box is filled with fun prompts that will surely bring joy and adventure to your recipient’s day. Some examples of prompts include:

  • Write down one thing you love about 5 different people.
  • Share something you’ve been saving--a nice bottle of wine, a gift certificate.
  • Start a new tradition with your friends and family

Summer Day Art Print

A summery print would make such a pretty addition to a home office space or student dorm room. Just looking at this artwork will remind your recipient to slow down and make them feel like they’re on a leisurely vacation. This is great for friends, loved ones, or recent grads looking to give their interiors a sunny boost.  

Cute coffee mug

We all can get in a rut doing the same routines everyday. That’s why elevating an everyday item can make those mundane experiences seem so much more uplifting. moments feel more heightened. Who wouldn’t love to sip their morning cup of coffee in this adorable mug? With its bright lemon motif, this would surely make morning routines feel so much more pleasant and inviting.
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