Our Favorite Podcast Recommendations for Your Next Listen

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There is no shortage of great podcasts these days.

From inspirational interviews to riveting true crime stories, you’re bound to find a podcast that will make your work commute go by faster.

And that’s one of the many great things about podcasts. They’re so easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. You can always listen to an episode or two while you’re doing something around the house, taking a long walk, or waiting in a long line. 

You also feel so much more inspired and motivated after listening to a great podcast. Whether it’s learning something new or feeling energized about your goals, a podcast is a wonderful resource for career, goal setting, productivity, and creativity advice. A podcast also gives you vast access to both notable experts and everyday people who can help you navigate your personal and professional life. 

Here are some podcast recommendations for both the podcast fanatic and casual listener. If you could use some career advice or a dose of inspiration or even just a good laugh, you’ll definitely find a show that will make your listening experience that much more awesome. 

How I Found My Voice 

I’ve always been curious about the origin stories of my favorite authors and artists. How did they discover their voice? What were their early influences? How did they gain the confidence to put their work out there? Luckily, there’s the “How I Found My Voice” podcast hosted by BBC journalist Samira Ahmed. This well-researched and thoughtful podcast invites celebrated writers, authors, and leaders to discuss the experiences that shaped them into who they are today.

Recommended episode: In this episode with author Bernardine Evaristo, the Booker Prize winner shares how positive affirmations have supported her creative process. 

Design Matters

Hosted by designer and author Debbie Millman, the “Design Matters” podcast is a fascinating listen for anyone who’s ever wanted to know how great leaders, thinkers, and artists create their incredible lives. 

Millman conducts her interviews with curiosity, honesty, and compassion as her guests share their incredible personal and professional journeys, discussing everything from imposter syndrome to career pivots to overcoming personal hardships. Past guests include Min Jin Lee, Guy Kawasaki, Will Guidara, Cheryl Strayed, and more. You really do feel like a fly on the wall listening to these intimate conversations. 

Recommended episode:  Millman’s interview with Min Jin Lee would be an inspirational listen for anyone who’s wanted to transition to a creative career or achieve a big, lifelong dream. Or listen to her interview with restaurateur Will Guidara to learn what it takes to motivate a team, make tough career decisions, and strive for success. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

Hosted by the author of The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris interviews CEOs, scientists, professional athletes, and creatives. Each episode feels like you’re getting inside the minds of some of the most successful people in the world. 

Recommended episode: If you want to better understand the power of goal setting, listen to this episode with Debbie Millman (yes, of Design Matters!) and learn about her life-changing 10 Year Plan exercise. Or learn how to develop good habits in this interview with James Clear. 

Bet On Yourself

Ann Hiatt has worked with the who’s who of Silicon Valley. She was the Executive Business Partner to Jeff Bezos and Marissa Mayer, and Chief of Staff to Eric Schmidt. 

As Hiatt herself describes it: “The Bet on Yourself podcast is for ambitious people who want to create a life and career that is full of adventure, learning and fulfillment.”

She interviews influential leaders and experts in the tech and business worlds who share valuable lessons on building confidence, working with your team, and the importance of moonshot thinking. 

Recommended episode: Listen to this episode with Rick Pastoor to learn how to manage your time like a pro. 

Forever 35

If you’ve ever wondered, “what exactly is self-care?” then you might just love this podcast. Hosted by writers Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer, the Forever 35 podcast is like listening to your funny, wise friends dish on everything from makeup routines to adult friendships. 

Recommended episode: Their interview with writer Louise Penny is a great comfort listen after a tough day.


If you love manifestation, vision boards, and all things woo woo (or even if you’re just a little curious) this podcast is for you. Lacy Phillips and her guests uncover the secrets behind manifestation and what it really takes to get the life you want. They cover topics such as combating limiting beliefs, earning more money, setting goals and taking aligned action, getting out of a rut, and more. You’ll find that at the core of manifestation is honoring your true desires and learning to love yourself. 

Recommended episode: Learn how journal writing can help your manifestation process in this episode

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

If you’re looking for a podcast with lots of laughs, look no further than this one from the former late night host. The conversations are always entertaining and free-flowing but without going completely off track (which can often be the case with other conversational-style podcasts). 

Recommended episode: This episode with Michelle Obama is both funny and heartwarming, as they discuss their approaches to managing stress and anxiety. Listening to the former First Lady talk about her knitting practice and how it helps her focus on the task at hand would definitely resonate with Ink+Volt readers :). 

Better at Work With Cathal Quinlan

The career advice we receive is often vague and unhelpful. We know it’s important to network and be professional—but how do we go about it exactly? If you’ve ever wanted someone to go into the nitty gritty of how to give feedback or work with difficult people, or if you’ve always wanted career advice that you could actually use, give the “Better At Work” podcast a try. Host Cathal Quinlan brings on career experts and psychologists who share real and practical tips that you can incorporate into your professional life. 

Recommended episode: This episode with Mamie Kanfer Stewart will teach you how to have better meetings and ensure that you never sit through another boring meeting again. 

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