[Peek Inside] How A Recent Grad Creates Happiness & Health with the Ink+Volt Planner

[Peek Inside] How A Recent Grad Creates Happiness & Health with the Ink+Volt Planner

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I am an enthusiastic 22-year-old commerce graduate who enjoys dancing around the kitchen, laughing at ridiculous things, making new friends, and believing in the power of imagination. My personal vision statement is to highlight the magnificence in others in such a way that it becomes natural to radiate the highest versions of themselves.

I ran my first business when I was 9. I desperately wanted to be able to afford a video game as a Christmas gift for my brother, but I had a huge dilemma: I had spent my birthday money on penny candies and ice cream. Dang it!

I thought of my assets: What did I know about? What could I create?

I knew one thing for certain: I had overriding passion for dolphins.

So, I created an entire course of classes, complete with daily pop quizzes, a towel red carpet for graduation, and diplomas with dolphin stickers!

When we’re younger, we know how to dream big, don’t compare ourselves to others, know what we’re passionate about and what we want, all while believing that anything is possible.

As adults, it is so important to make time to remember and feel that kid-like wonder. A little bit of fun is always scheduled into my day!

I began emphasizing time for this after a concussion four years ago – it stripped me of my ability to accomplish anything, or to partake in all of the external activities which made me “me”! When goals weren’t an option, I started feeling happiness as a state of being; something which we always have access to! This was a growing period where I became very clear on my core values in the midst of quietness from the world. Meditations are gaining traction for their value in going inside our beliefs, and I couldn’t recommend implementing something similar more highly!

I am now excited to work on tangible goals again, but always remind myself exactly why I’m doing them!

This is woven within my personal brand. It is strongly built upon being excellent to one another, lining each action, thought, and word with intentional kindness.

Through nourishment, movement, and gratitude, I create content which inspires accessible, easy, action to access the highest version of oneself.

I will be releasing 2 e-books soon:

  • “Healthified”: A recipe book filled with nourishing versions of classic comfort foods
  • “Aligned”: A handbook for post-secondary women filled with nutrition, fitness, and self-care strategies to radiate one’s personal vision statement – this is included as well! – from the inside out.

I am currently (and excitedly!) creating 2 interactive books for those on a journey to uncover their true, highest self. Future aspirations include publishing these creations and giving a TED  Talk – I’m excited!

How do you plan productive days in your Ink+Volt Planner?

My morning routine for a productive day:

1. Make a nice breakfast: nourish yourself to nourish the world!

2. Get clear on intentions: Remind myself the person who I am and my vision for the highest version of myself. I strive for each action in my day to align with this!

3. Understand tangible accomplishments which I’d like to have done in the month, week, and day. I’m a big visual learner, and the Ink+Volt planner organizes these perfectly!

4. Break my day into time blocks, or micro goals, to optimize focus and goal attainment by the end of the day.

5. Smile… because we live in a world which we design!

[Peek Inside] How A Recent Grad Pursues Happiness, Fitness, and Inspiration with the Ink+Volt Planner

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

I am a recently graduated student recovering from a concussion, so my career has been short. However, experiences of the most pride come in daily moments for me!

Accomplishments are a byproduct of the person who we choose to be in any given moment. So, the proudest moments can come in a normal day of work, simply stopping and acknowledging that we are doing our best right here and right now.

External accomplishments are useful, but we don’t need to wait to be proud! We can always be proud of our unique personalities and the energy which we bring to any adventure which we embark upon!

What makes you feel confident or successful?

Driving down a country road with the windows down, belting Bon Jovi, looking at the beautiful world and how it changes with the seasons. I live in Canada and every season is drastically different, so watching it change is a reminder that just as there is Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, there are personal seasons of building, blooming, high heat, and rest. Trusting the process definitely produces confidence!

I also have a rule that I don’t leave the house (unless I’m going to the gym!) without dressing nicely. If you’re going out alone, technically, you are taking yourself on a date! Why not dress up for yourself, too?

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t try to completely control the path. Your brain alone cannot possibly imagine what the world is going to bring into your life! Instead of fighting waves, learn to surf them.

Rather than becoming anxious about the unknown or what is to come, simply feel confident that in any given moment, you will do your best. Kindness, compassion, and loving energy are completely within your locus of control. While you can’t predict the future, you can know for certain that those intentions will be interwoven with your every thought, word, and action. With those intentions in mind, surfing through life becomes an adventure, filled with passion to practice being a focused, mindful, and loving human through both high and low waves.

What’s one of your favorite techniques for getting things done?

My natural state is high energy, overloaded, and frazzled, so, left unorganized, my mind would attempt to multitask millions of things at a time! Multitasking mentally can eat up hours in a day; leaping from task to task, all inside of our heads!

Stating to myself exactly what my mission is for the coming scheduled time block – and then deciding to focus only on that task until my alarm sounds – is a technique which has changed my life! In school, the time taken to complete assignments was slashed in half. Currently, as I build a personal brand and create from my imagination, time management became much more simple… and gives me flexibility to have some extra fun in my days!

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

The best career (and life!) advice which I’ve ever received comes from Dan Millman, who wrote a book which I read immediately following graduation. It completely changed my belief system and that which I believed to be possible.

“You are already free.”

This quote is so simple, yet reminds us that limitations exist only in our own minds. Remember that in this beautiful world, you are already free! Free to choose in any moment: whether that’s to choose a new career path, to choose to be unreasonably happy, or to choose to create a reality which excites you to a point where you could dance around the room with joy!

Your present energy drives your boat. You are already free! So create a beautiful day… Every day!

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