By Ink+Volt Team

The Inspiration Pages

Every week, you’ll uncover your Weekly Inspiration, designed to get you thinking about how you’re doing, how you’re working, and what you want for your future.

At the top of each Weekly Inspiration page, there is a question or a quote. Where you go from there is completely up to you!

How To Use The Inspiration Pages

Every Weekly Inspiration page has a prompt to get your mind going. Read the prompt and take a moment to just think and absorb the question or quote. What does it bring to mind? How does it make you feel?

Then, express yourself on the page. It can be answering the question or writing a journal entry about how the quote made you feel. It could be making a drawing, or writing a list.

The best part about this page is that there are no rules, no time limit, no parameters. It’s like a weekly ritual. Once a week, you can clear your mind, get creative, and just think.

Some weeks, you might not even use this space to respond to the prompt. (Yes, that’s allowed!)

These pages are for taking time and space for your thoughts. Many people like to use these pages to write out their thoughts on a problem they’re having a work or to brainstorm a new idea.

Journaling helps you see opportunities and perspectives that may not have been apparent at first glance. It helps you learn to break down complex experiences into useful bits of information. Even if you don’t come up with a solution right away, processing your thoughts is a key step to moving past a roadblock.

And of course, there are a thousand other ways to use these pages too! Below are a few other ideas to get you started using your Weekly Inspiration pages:

  • Annotate team meeting notes
  • Brainstorm weekly mastermind group
  • Reflect on your life and progress
  • Note accomplishments or struggles from the previous week
  • Use the thought at the top to journal and reflect
  • Doodle pictures that inspire and motivate you
  • Log whatever made you happy
  • List 5 things you learned in the past week